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Tafel Kiel provides food to disadvantaged people. In order to be able to store also larger delivery quantities, pallet racks from TOPREGAL are used.

When visiting the main warehouse of Tafel Kiel, it is immediately noticeable that many of the food items intended for distribution are stored on Euro pallets loaded with tons of food in 4.50-metre high Pallet racks from TOPREGAL be stored. One inevitably wonders how this fits in with the rations issued in accordance with the budget? Olaf Böcking, member of the Board of Management of Tafel Kiel, can answer the question quickly: "Over the years, we have established good personal contacts with some well-known large companies and farmers in the region. When they contact us, they often have larger quantities to hand over. Although they have a longer shelf life, they usually have to be picked up at very short notice". For the temporary storage of large deliveries, such as sausages and canned food, Tafel Kiel has ordered a total of 16 running metres of pallet racks from TOPREGAL in two orders in 2018 and set them up on its own initiative.

TOPREGAL: pallet racks at good prices and excellent service

Like most of the now more than 40,000 of our customers, Tafel Kiel also came across TOPREGAL during an Internet search for pallet racks at fair prices. Olaf Böcking had written to a total of four shelf suppliers and asked for a price reduction. "TOPREGAL was then the first and probably the only company that contacted us in a friendly and accommodating manner", says Olaf Böcking looking back. Michaela Metzger from the TOPREGAL sales team had quickly responded to the inquiry from the far north - and accompanied the order, the delivery and the billing. "We make sure that all customer enquiries are answered as quickly as possible. This also applies to those of Mr. Böcking from the Tafel Kiel, which I can remember well. Particularly in the case of social projects run by voluntary organisations, we try to accommodate our customers within the scope of our possibilities. I am then pleased to hear or read about how our help is really being received in the individual projects", says Michaela Metzger. "The handling with TOPREGAL ran from beginning to end wonderfully: accurately, fast and uncomplicated. Just the way I like it. Olaf Böcking, board member of Tafel Kiel e.V., is also pleased.

Committed to the good cause

As a non-profit organization, Tafel Kiel e. V. is not allowed to make a profit. It receives no public funding whatsoever and must ensure its operation through donations from companies and private individuals. The fuel costs alone amount to well over 1,000 euros, month after month. The rent for the TafelZentrum, the electricity for the three refrigerated warehouses and the crate washing machine, the lighting and the cost of office equipment must be paid for. Without donations and other supporters, like TOPREGAL for the pallet racks, this would be impossible.

Because when Olaf Böcking starts work at around 8 a.m., he does so voluntarily and unpaid. However, he carries out his work with at least as much commitment and thoroughness as he used to as an independent businessman. Since 2011, Olaf Böcking, who will also be one of five members of the Board of Management of Tafel Kiel from 2016, has been responsible for logistics planning. Specifically, he draws up the route plans according to which the four delivery vehicles pick up the donated food from around 100 markets or bakeries and bring it to TafelZentrum, as well as for its reliable manning six days a week with two or three helpers. Workshop appointments for MOT, service and repairs, vehicle replacement and acquisition, insurance etc. are also part of the job. Not to forget the maintenance of contacts with suppliers, appointments for special collections and their conscientious handling.

The team of Kieler Tafel e. V. The team of Kieler Tafel e. V.

Pallet racks Pallet racks packed to the top
Delivery & assembly of the new pallet racks on our own Delivery & assembly of the new pallet racks on our own

TOPREGAL pallet racks TOPREGAL pallet racks filled with food

Thorough and efficient planning of logistics is also important because Tafel Kiel supplies around 2,000 customers and thus a total of around 3,500 people with food and hygiene products on these days. In accordance with the motto "Eat where it belongs", a total of around 250 volunteers sort and distribute fruit and vegetables, bread and baked goods, chilled and frozen products as well as other goods for daily needs.

Tafel Kiel was founded in 1995 as a registered and non-profit association. After Berlin, the capital of Schleswig-Holstein is one of the first municipalities to commit itself locally to the procurement and distribution of donated food to the needy. With around 250 volunteers, around 2,000 customers and their families are provided for around 3,500 people five days a week.