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Shelf assembly

We offer you everything, from planning of your warehouse to the professional assembly of the racking system. In addition, we also offer you the annually required rack inspection of our shelving system by our certified in-house shelf inspectors; only for German speaking Countries at this time.

In-house assembly team

Our in-house assembly team installs your rack system  in accordance with the specifications of DGUV 108-007 (BGR234) and DIN EN 15635. Furthermore, our assembly team carries out installations of our heavy-duty racks both in other EU countries as well as in Switzerland. All assemblies of our heavy-duty racks are implemented based on the legal requirements DGUV 108-007 (BGR234) and DIN EN 15635. The final inspection of our shelving systems is also carried out by our certified shelf installer / fitters. Due to the many years of experience in the field of shelf construction, our assembly employees are able to respond flexibly to unforeseen problems in the course of set-up and to present quick solutions. Even short-term appointments for shelf-installations with little advance are feasible. From major projects such as the complete equipping of a new warehouse to the expansion through individual rows of racks, we are pleased to offer you the corresponding assembly of the storage racks for every order.

Pallet rack - assembly & disassembly

You need an expert advice for the planning a realignment of your storage capacities or a new acquisition of pallet racks? Our employees, with many years of experience in the field of storage technology, are pleased to assist you.  We offer you pallet racks for all stored goods such as euro-pallets, lattice-box and much more. We also plan with you the acquisition of a forklift with the correct fork length to comply the legal requirements for the aisle width of the pallet racking system. In addition, we are able to disassemble your existing pallet rack and assemble it elsewhere. We also gladly to dispatch our pallet racks with pre-assembled framework for simplify mounting in your warehousen. Our fitters assemble all types of heavy-duty racks, such as: pallet racks, storage racks, cantilever racks, tire racks, long-span racks and many more.

Shelf assembly in special circumstances

Different installation locations repeatedly lead to special challenges in the mounting of racking systems. For examples:

  • traffic- and foot routes in the storage
  • continuous water-pipes
  • underfloor heating
  • positioning on cobblestones
  • unevenness on the floor
  • other structural barriers

Our experienced technicians assist you in any solving and implementing questions.

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