Frequently asked Questions

On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about our products, our online shop and the ordering process. If you do not find the answer to your question(s) here, please contact us by e-mail or telephone.

Questions about service and processing

No, that is not possible. TOPREGAL GmbH sells exclusively to companies, authorities, public institutions and sole traders or small businesses. Private persons (in the sense of German §13 BGB) are excluded from the purchase.

All processes (handling, logistics, ...) and information obligations in the online shop are geared to the exclusive sale to traders. The indication of the VAT ID is requested under circumstances and only with valid ID a sales contract comes on our part condition. In this case, an online purchase incl. e-mail confirmation is not binding until subsequent confirmation by us and is considered a purchase request or offer request.

You can also place your order by phone, e-mail or fax. Our customer service will be happy to answer all your questions.

An order is also possible via guest account.

Online ordering at TOPREGAL is easy and secure, even without a customer account. Of course, you are welcome to create a customer account.

Your advantages of registration: independent administration of your billing and delivery address, overview of your order history, and much more.

Depending on the country of delivery, we offer different payment methods, which you can choose from during the ordering process.

  • Prepayment less 4 % discount
  • PayPal
  • Credit card
  • Invoice - Germany only
  • Cash on collection
  • Leasing request - Germany only
  • Klarna (instant bank transfer) - in all EU countries offered by Klarna
  • iDeal - only in Belgium, Netherlands, Luxembourg

A detailed list with further information on the processing of each payment method can be found here.

If you choose the payment method "Prepayment", a proforma invoice will be sent to you by e-mail after your order has been processed.

The goods will be picked after receipt of payment. Afterwards you will receive a final invoice for your accounting department.

If you have any questions about the status of your payment, please call the following customer service number + 49 (0)7158-9181 550.

We ship free of shipping costs throughout Germany - only for German islands we charge an island surcharge of 99,-€ / shopping cart. The Netherlands, Belgium and Luxembourg are free of shipping costs, too.

For shipping to Austria, a one-time shipping fee of 99,-€ per shopping cart will be charged. For shipping to Switzerland in the amount of 199,-€ plus import duty charges. For the rest of Europe (EU countries) we charge a one-time fee of 149,-€ per shopping cart; island surcharges for Europe are available on request.

You can find detailed information on shipping abroad here.

You have the possibility to pick up the goods directly at one of our warehouses in Filderstadt (BW) or Wesel (NRW).

Please contact us for an appointment at the service number: + 49 (0)7158-91 81 550 and we will be happy to inform you about the weight as well as the number and dimensions of the packages.

As a rule and depending on stock, your order will be handed over to the shipping company immediately after receipt of order or payment (depending on the selected payment method) within 24 hours. The delivery time from this point onwards is max. 72h nationwide (international shipping correspondingly longer). You can find more details about the shipping process here.

In principle, the delivery of the goods is carried out by our house forwarding agency and other partners. Depending on length and weight, individual parts can also be shipped via parcel service providers [such as Hermes, GLS, or DG Transporte]. If this option has been chosen, our forwarding agent will notify you 1 - 2 days before delivery. You are welcome to inquire about a desired time window for your delivery at the notification.

The goods are usually delivered on a truck with side unloading. In this case, the shipment must be unloaded from the vehicle with the help of a forklift or a lifting device with sufficient lifting height. Alternatively, the goods can also be picked up manually from the vehicle.

You can find detailed information about the shipping process here.

If your goods are damaged, incomplete or do not correspond to the description, this must be reported immediately in writing to We will immediately take care of the remedy in the form of removal of defects or subsequent delivery of an article free of defects. A general right of return of faultless goods does not exist. Nevertheless, we grant the possibility of returning goods at our own expense as a gesture of goodwill. We would like to point out that in this case a fee for the restocking of the goods amounting to at least 20 % of the net value of the goods will be charged.

Please also read our GTC §4 and §10.

For all items in the shop - which are not consumables - we grant 1 year warranty. This warranty is valid from the date of invoice and covers material, processing or construction defects. Damage caused by natural wear and tear, improper handling or unauthorized modification is not covered by the warranty. On articles with batteries and / or accumulators we grant a voluntary functional guarantee on the batteries / accumulators of 6 months from the date of purchase.

Exception are our heavy duty shelves incl. single parts. Here we grant 5 years warranty.

We attach great importance to quality when selecting our transport companies. Within Germany we therefore ship with our own forwarding agency, which meets our quality standards to the highest degree. But even the best can make mistakes.

If your goods show external damage or are incomplete on delivery, this must be reported to the carrier on receipt of the goods / inspection and "acceptance under reservation" must be noted on the delivery note. In this case we recommend a photo documentation. Please inform us immediately about the transport damage by e-mail ( including the photos or by telephone. As we document every dispatch of goods photographically, transport damage can be proven at any time.

In the case of damage that is not externally visible or missing parts, a damage report is to be sent by e-mail within 7 days of delivery - including the corresponding picture material.

You can also find further information on this in our GTC §8.

The fixing braces (cross braces and diagonal braces), which ensure the stability and sturdiness of the racks, are included with TOPREGAL in the required quantity. Cross braces or diagonal braces that are required in addition to these are not available in the online shop as individual parts, as the braces of the individual manufacturers are most likely not compatible with other systems (or with each other).

If you have any questions in this regard, you can contact the TOPREGAL customer service.

We supply all complete offers as well as individual parts including all material required for assembly.

No additional mounting materials are required.

The order status can be inquired by phone on our customer hotline +49 (0)7158 9181 550. You can also inquire about the current status of your order by e-mail to or fax.

You can find our contact form here.

No. The warranty given does not include damage caused by force majeure (e.g. hail, lightning, storms, etc.).

Questions about cantilever racks and accessories

It is not possible to combine the cantilever arms from the different models, e.g. KR3000 / KR6000.

A combination of different arm lengths e.g. 50 cm / 100 cm for the KR3000 is possible.

The cantilever arms must not project beyond the cantilever arm feet. In this example, the use of a shelf support at a depth of 100 cm is required.

Depending on the type of cantilever racking, our cantilever bays are available in painted and hot-dip galvanized versions (both versions for the KR3000/KR6000).

The individual cross and diagonal braces are mounted to the bracket of the shelf uprights with the corresponding hexagon bolts, hexagon nuts and washers.

Depending on the height of your shelves, the number of struts (cross and diagonal struts) varies.

You will find the appropriate number of braces in the article description and in the assembly instructions.

The axial dimension is the internal dimension between two shelf uprights. Depending on the cantilever type, we offer these fields in 120 cm (KR2500) and in 100 cm / 150 cm (KR3000 / KR6000).

We recommend the use of the rubber strip to protect your goods and your cantilevers.

These rubber strips are available for our cantilever arm models KR3000 / KR6000.

No assembly is necessary for the attachment of the rubber strips, as they are glued directly to the desired cantilever.

Depending on the cantilever racking type, the fields differ as follows:

KR2500: 120 cm fields incl. bracing

KR3000: 100 cm and 150 cm fields incl. bracing (also in hot-dip galvanized version)

KR6000: 100 cm and 150 cm fields incl. bracing (also in hot-dip galvanized version)

The scope of delivery includes the appropriate number of screws for cantilever racking assembly. The following screws are used for a cantilever racking system:

Bolt anchor, hexagonal bolts / nuts, washer, compensation wedge etc.

You have the possibility to adjust the height of the cantilever arms individually in a grid of 5 cm (only for the models KR3000 and KR6000).

The cantilever arm system KR2500 has firmly welded arms that cannot be adjusted in height.

Cantilever racking is ideal for the storage of long goods, e.g. wooden beams, steel profiles, pipes and much more. You can additionally equip the cantilever racking with wooden or grating floors, so that the storage of other stored goods is also possible.

Cantilever racking is always fixed by anchoring it to the ground.

A combination of the arms is only possible with the KR3000 (50 cm, 100 cm, 125 cm) and the KR6000 (75 cm, 150 cm), as the arms of the cantilever racks for light loads KR2500 are firmly welded to the rack upright.

A combination of KR3000 and KR6000 is excluded.

If you want to combine two arm lengths in your rack, the rack upright must be used in the greater depth for safety reasons, e.g. in 100 cm depth (KR3000) and in 150 cm depth (KR6000).

Here you can find an overview of our cantilever racks.

Of course we also offer shelves in individually adapted dimensions.
Please send us an inquiry by e-mail to, by fax or call our customer hotline +49 (0) 7158 91 81 500.

You can find our contact form here.

Questions about storage racks and accessories

We offer you our storage rack in the depths 40 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and in 120 cm.

Here you will find an overview of the shelf stands in the different heights and depths: Storage rack individual parts & accessories

The individual levels can be hung or attached individually as required at a grid spacing of 5 cm in height.

The number of levels depends on the height / weight of your stored goods. A prerequisite is always the even distribution of the loads (shelf load: max. 500 kg, bay load 2000 kg - storage rack)

Fixing our racks to the wall is not permitted.

Pallet racks must be anchored to the floor according to DGUV 108-007, DIN EN 15512 & DIN EN 15635.

Storage racks must be fixed to the floor from a depth/height ratio greater than 5:1. Below this no anchoring is required.

Our spacers are used exclusively for the parallel positioning of our shelves.

The maximum weight that a rack can carry in total is called the bay load. However, the weight of the rack itself is not included (the storage rack has a bay load of 2000 kg).
Regal Feldlast

The maximum weight on the individual shelf compartment / shelf is called shelf load (the storage shelving unit has a shelf load of max. 500 kg).

Regal Fachlast

The sum of the shelf loads, however, must not exceed the field load. A prerequisite (for the weight specifications) is always the even distribution of the loads.

The pictures show field load and shelf load using the example of a storage rack.

Selbstverständlich bieten wir Ihnen auch Regale in individuell angepassten Maßen an.
Bitte senden Sie uns hierfür eine Anfrage per Mail an die, per Fax oder melden Sie sich telefonisch unter unserer Kundenhotline +49 7158 91 81 500.

You can find our contact form here.

Questions about pallet racks and accessories

The steel thickness of the cross beams for pallet racks is 1.5 mm.

The individual shelf upright profiles are assembled with the correct number of cross and diagonal braces, foot plates and the appropriate assembly material.

You can find a detailed description of a shelf upright assembly in our assembly instructions.

Here you will find our overview of the individual parts.

The steel thickness of our pallet racks PR4500 and PR9000 is

Steel S-355 JR (CRD - Coldrolled steel) 80 mm W x 70 mm D x 1.5 mm material thickness.

The steel thickness of our pallet rack PR15000 is

Steel S-355 JR (CRD - cold rolled steel), 100 mm W x 7 0 mm D x 2 mm material thickness.

We offer you the common heights from 200 cm to 750 cm in 50 cm steps. For individual heights, the shelf supports are cut to size on request or manufactured individually according to your requirements.

Fixing our racks to the wall is not permitted.

Pallet racks must be anchored to the floor in accordance with DGUV 108-007, DIN EN 15512 & DIN EN 15635.

Storage racks must be fixed to the floor from a depth/height ratio greater than 5:1. Below this no anchoring is required.

Our spacers are used exclusively for the parallel positioning of our shelves.

Our 3 pallet rack models PR4500, PR9000 & PR15000 differ mainly in the load capacity for light, medium & heavy loads. Here the material thickness and dimensions of e.g. the upright profile, cross beams and foot plates differ. The construction of the three models is identical and our accessories are compatible with each other.

The model designation refers to the maximum field load of the individual systems:

  • Pallet rack PR4500 - Bay load (max.): 4500 kg / Shelf load (max.): 1500 kg
  • Pallet rack PR9000 - Bay load (max.): 9000 kg / Shelf load (max.): 3000 kg
  • Pallet rack PR15000 - Bay load (max.): 15000 kg / Shelf load (max.): 4500 kg

This corresponds to a maximum load per pallet of 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg.

The bay load is the total load capacity of a shelf bay / the load between two shelf uprights. The own weight does not count here.
Regal Feldlast

The maximum weight on the individual shelf / shelf is called shelf load.
The sum of the shelf loads must not exceed the bay load.

The individual levels can be hung or attached individually as desired in a grid spacing of 5 cm.

Of course we also offer shelves in individually adapted dimensions.
Please send us an inquiry by e-mail to, by fax or call our customer hotline +49 7158 91 81 500.

You can find our contact form here.

Questions about room systems

PREFAB door panels can be mounted in both directions. You determine the desired opening direction and side of the door handle when setting up the hall office.

The window panels cannot be tilted or opened completely.

Questions about shelving and accessories

Our shelf racks are a pure plug-in system. No screws and nuts are required for this. Only the base plates are fastened with screws.

Questions about lifting equipment and accessories

The HE1200/3 displays only one charge bar even at maximum battery charge. As the charge decreases, this bar moves to the left. The last two turn red. As soon as this range is reached, the device should be charged to avoid deep discharge.

Questions about cleaning equipment and accessories

After unpacking the machine, the connecting cable between the control unit and the motor must be connected at the rear.

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