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Racking accessories for all cases

You already have an existing pallet rack and would like to expand it or change its function? Then we are happy to help you with our TOPREGAL accessories. All our shelves, work tables and workbenches, which are based on our pallet racking system, can be modified and customized. Thus, you will not only find classic items such as shelf uprights, shelves and crossbars among our individual parts, but also accessories that fundamentally change the way the shelf works. For example, magnetic strips can be attached to label shelf compartments, special barrel supports can be inserted to allow barrels to be stored safely lying down, or even entire drawer cabinets can be inserted into an already existing shelf. With the modular system of TOPREGAL you are always on the safe side.

Pallet racking components and accessories

Our pallet racks allow safe and easy storage of heavy loads. Here, both the pallet rack uprights and the cross beams and shelf determine how much weight may be stored. Therefore, we also divide our individual and accessory parts into the categories PR4500, PR9000 and PR15000. The load is mainly determined by the thickness of the material, which is why the PR15000 shelving components are much more massive than their smaller brothers. The application influences in a special way which shelf support should be chosen. For example, if dry and light objects are stored, a simple wooden shelf is enough. As soon as it becomes heavier, we recommend you to choose steel supports, wire mesh supports or a grating to cope with the higher punctual load. In addition, wire mesh and grating supports have a decisive advantage: Should it ever become confusing in the warehouse, you can see from below which goods have been stored on high shelves.

Galvanized is the trump card

Whether it's a do-it-yourself store, a plant shop, goods handling or the outside of a warehouse: Anyone who has ever had to store outdoors knows that this is only possible with hot-dip galvanized shelving. That is why TOPREGAL offers a diverse selection of different hot-dip galvanized shelving accessories. Whether pallet racking or cantilever racking: With us you will find racking parts which you can also use outdoors, with and without shelves. The galvanized cantilever racks are perfect for practical outdoor storage of long goods.

Workbench accessories: something for everyone

For the storage of whole pallets, long goods and mesh boxes, our shelving systems are made for the job. Our workbenches and their wide range of accessories add another facet to this offer. So you can not only carry out assemblies at these practical workstations. With the ingenious perforated back panels and side panels, you can also transform the stations into a storage place for tools and safety equipment that need to be within reach at all times. At the same time, the workbench accessories also include our shelf supports and crossbars, making it easy to retrofit workbenches into shelving. This is especially practical when there is little space in production. The integrable tool cabinets can be used in both workbenches and shelves to safely store small parts, modules or tools. In addition, TOPREGAL's tool cabinets are lockable. If you need a mobile workbench, this is also possible without any problems. The stands for the TOPREGAL workbenches are height-adjustable and, if desired, can be equipped with casters. These mobile workbenches allow flexible workshop operation with changing workstations.

Vertical, ingenious storage

With the practical vertical racks from TOPREGAL, your logistics take on a new dimension. While you can only store goods horizontally on usual heavy-duty racks, you create space in your warehouse again with our vertical racks and the corresponding individual parts. Use the full height and store long goods vertically. With the help of our individual parts for vertical racks, your vertical racks from TOPREGAL can be extended as required. Thus you can react dynamically to a higher storage demand. With the practical arm dividers you can subdivide different goods and thus ensure order. Vertical shelf uprights are available in different heights from 300 to 400 cm. The complementary rubber strips provide a secure hold so that your goods do not slip to the side. Convince yourself of our flexible vertical rack single part system. more