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INFO: Due to a production error we offer our Prefab office as B-goods at a reduced price. I.e. minor paint damage and/or dents may occur, but do not have to. The panels can also be supplied in different colour shades.

With a you can quickly create protected working space in warehouses and production halls without inconvenient and lengthy construction measures. The hall offices shown here are example configurations. All PREFAB panels have fire protection class B1 properties according to DIN 4102-1. TIP: design your hall office individually with our configurator.

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A flexible prefab office for production halls or warehouses

There are many reasons for purchasing a prefab office: noise, cold, dust, odours, damp – all of these things will become a thing of the past with the help of a prefab office. The simple push-fit design of the individual panels gives you the freedom to decide where you want to position the window and door. The door element features a lockable and sturdy door, so that even important materials are perfectly protected. In the interior, integrated LED lights illuminate the room with the help of the large double-glazed window panels, which vary in number depending on the selected size of the warehouse office.

The warehouse office is easy to set up in just a few hours

The prefab office is easier to assemble than you might think. The high-quality panels are admittedly heavy, but this is because they are particularly stable and insulated with mineral wool. The magnetic outer skin of the sandwich panels consists of 0,4 mm-thick steel sheet. This means plans or other important documents can be quickly secured to the wall with the help of small magnets. The high quality of the individual components is particularly evident when the prefab office needs to move in order to be rebuilt elsewhere. During assembly, the pre-assembled elements are simply inserted into each other without screwing. This makes assembling and disassembling the office easy, saving time and money. Especially if the assembly is carried out by our own employees. Our prefab office system is also ideal for self-assembly. You just need two fitters, a drill and a screwdriver. Of course, the TOPREGAL Installation Service can also set your office up for you (only available for Germany) - simply request this service at the end of the order with just one click. We will contact you as soon as possible to discuss details such as costs and desired installation date.

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