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Solar parking lot configurator

Your individually planned solar parking space at the click of a mouse. Use your parking space to generate energy with a solar system and at the same time provide protection for the vehicles parked underneath. Our online configurator for solar parking canopies helps you with the design and provides information on dimensions and performance. Thanks to the practical share function, your design can be easily saved and sent via a link.
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Only install the parking canopy in places for which you have a building permit and anchor it securely. If necessary, contact the office or authority responsible for you to clarify building law obligations. The operator is responsible for obtaining building permits. These may vary depending on the installation location (country, federal state, city, etc.). Installation, maintenance and servicing work must be carried out regularly by qualified personnel in accordance with applicable regional standards and regulations. Electrical work may only be carried out by qualified electricians or under their direction and supervision. Contact us if you need assistance with your planning.
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A solar parking space with photovoltaics at the click of a mouse

Create your solar parking space in just a few steps, which protects against the weather and also generates green energy - for example for the electric vehicles parked underneath. Do you want to equip an open space with a solar parking canopy? Use our practical online configurator to plan the number of canopies for your solar parking space in advance. The width of the photovoltaic canopies as well as single-sided or double-sided variants can be defined or multiplied. You also have the option of configuring the canopy without solar modules. This means that everything is individually tailored to your needs and the conditions on site.

The solar parking canopy from SoloPort

Find the right size of solar parking canopy for your parking lot and offer your parked vehicles protection and the opportunity to fill up on cheap solar energy, just like under a solar carport from SoloPort. You can see the number of solar modules, the output in kilowatts and the number of parking spaces at a glance. Thanks to our user-friendly configurator, you will reach your goal in no time at all.

Green energy thanks to SoloPort

Invest in the future and make a contribution to our environment with SoloPort. Start now and transform your parking lot into an environmentally friendly, green energy source that offers protection and contributes to sustainability at the same time. As a brand, SoloPort stands for a sustainable future in which innovative energy concepts and environmentally friendly solutions form the basis for sustainable mobility. The combination of green electricity and the ability to conveniently charge electric vehicles, e-bikes and power tools makes our solar carports as well as the solar parking lot a unique and innovative all-in-one system.

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