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Sustainable solar technology with 100% green power. Discover the unique solution in the mobility revolution with our off-grid solar carport and use environmentally friendly technologies to generate clean electricity. SoloPort's solar carport is absolutely independent from the general power grid and can be erected almost anywhere. Rely on the mobility of the future and take a big step towards sustainability.

SoloPort stands like no other brand for forward-looking energy concepts

The SoloPort brand represents a sustainable future in which electromobility and renewable energy sources play a significant role. As a company, we strive to offer our customers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions that make everyday life easier and help reduce their CO₂ footprint. We believe that a climate-friendly future is not only necessary, but also achievable if we work together to achieve it. All SoloPort brand products mean resource-saving and cost-effective solutions for everyday use and the highest level of quality and convenience for our customers. As the SoloPort brand name suggests, this includes outdoor space solutions, such as carports, combined with high-performance photovoltaic systems. Thanks to effective storage and control systems, they are further developed into a sophisticated all-in-one system and brought to market maturity.

A self-sufficient solar carport with a powerful control cabinet under the roof

Our solar carport not only offers the possibility to power your electric vehicle fleet with 100% green energy, but also to conveniently and safely charge other batteries or battery-powered devices such as e-bikes and power tools and to use any electrical devices on site. This versatility in the possible applications of self-generated clean energy takes you a decisive step forward in the direction of the energy transition.

What is unique and innovative about this solar carport is that it can be used independently of the general power grid, and can be operated completely self-sufficiently at almost any location without the need for prior approval from the Federal Network Agency. This gives you the freedom to take advantage of renewable energy almost anywhere without having to rely on the public power grid and the bureaucracy that sometimes accompanies it .

We are not satisfied until you are satisfied. That's why we place great emphasis on making our products easy to use and intuitive to use. Our in-house team of experts is committed to providing you with the best possible service before and after your purchase, supporting you every step of the way.

The SP40/5-1 Solar Carport

The solar carport with a 40 KWh powerful battery storage, whose maximum usable capacity is 30 kWh, was manufactured according to the highest quality standards and, thanks to its uniqueness, is the market novelty in the automotive shelter sector. All common electric vehicles of your company fleet can be charged with green energy completely independent from the grid.

The roof of the carport consists of 12 high-performance solar modules. With a power generation of 420 Wp per module, they provide a maximum power generation capacity of 5 KW. The frame construction, made of particularly durable aluminum profiles, offers optimal protection from the elements with a retractable height and width of 3.5 m each, as well as a length of 6 m. The roof of the carport is made of a special material. Due to the ideal roof pitch of 10 degrees for solar energy generation, the solar carport is suitable for vehicles with a maximum height of 2 m at the lowest point.

Companies are often faced with the challenge of operating vehicles and machinery efficiently and cost-effectively, and sometimes in locations that may not be directly adjacent to the building and therefore to the power supply. The SP40/5-1 solar carport offers not only a sustainable solution for charging electric cars, but also a variety of other benefits for your everyday business needs. Thanks to its dimensions, the carport is also ideal for vehicles such as electric vans, flatbed trucks, minivans or high-roof station wagons (vehicle height max. 2 m). In addition, thanks to the integrated two 230 V sockets, other battery-powered end devices can also be safely charged with sustainable energy. Last but not least, the carport offers a covered workplace to operate vehicles and machines in a protected manner.

Tangible advantages that the solar carport brings with it


By using solar panels, you reduce your CO₂ footprint and actively contribute to environmental protection. By charging green electricity, you say goodbye to fossil fuels for power generation and make a valuable contribution to preserving our environment.


Due to its independence from the public power grid, the SoloPort solar carport can be installed almost anywhere without the need for a sometimes expensive grid connection. The solar carport is easy to install and offers a high degree of flexibility and independence from electricity suppliers, which is particularly advantageous in rural areas and on company premises*.


The solar carport has been manufactured to the highest quality standards and is made of sturdy aluminum profiles designed for long service life. This material is extremely resistant to weathering and corrosion. In addition, the high-quality lithium solar modules are extremely robust and durable to ensure efficient power generation for many years to come.


SoloPort's solar carport impresses with its sleek and aesthetic design. The construction and blends harmoniously into almost any environment. The material does not require additional painting or elaborate powder coating that could weather over the years, it convinces with its natural and, above all, consistent beauty.


The spacious design and high stability are perfect conditions for a covered workplace, for example to protect and operate machines or vehicles. In addition, the integration of power outlets on the outside of the cabinet allows the use of green power for a variety of other devices.

Cost savings

Thanks to the self-sufficient power supply provided by SoloPort's SP40/5-1 solar carport, you will have to worry less about rising electricity prices when it comes to charging your electric vehicle. The battery storage installed in the control cabinet can store up to 40 kWh This allows you to charge your electric car both during the day and at night or in unfavorable weather conditions.


The accompanying app offers convenient monitoring of the most important key figures, such as the current state of charge of the battery or the current power generation of the solar modules. All this information can be accessed from any location (internet connection required). Statistics and live metrics can be viewed and analyzed directly and without delay .


Since the solar carport is a stand-alone system, no registration with the Federal Network Agency is required: neither the integrated wallbox nor the photovoltaic system require approval or registration with the network operator*.

Solar carport frame
Solar carport frame

* In Germany, depending on the federal state, a building notification or a building permit may be required. The basis for this is the respective valid state building code, please inform yourself before installation at the authority responsible for you. We cannot provide any information on the legal requirements outside Germany. Please contact the public authority responsible for your project for more information. Acceptance by an electrician is recommended.

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