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The cleaning equipment accessories are as versatile as the cleaning equipment from wipeket. The accessories and spare parts fit our cleaning machines in the best possible way: Among them are interchangeable brushes for our scrubber-driers and ride-on sweepers, different attachments and hoses for our wet-dry vacuum cleaner, and a large selection of polishing pads.

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Cleaning equipment accessories that inspire

The wide range of cleaning machines from wipeket covers a variety of cleaning needs. Among other things, you can use our cleaning equipment to remove stuck dirt from floors, vacuum loose dust from upholstery and leather, or even collect leaves from your yard driveway. These steps are only possible with excellent cleaning equipment accessories. For example, our cleaning brushes reliably remove sticky and dried liquids from concrete, wood, epoxy resin floors or linoleum. With the polishing pads for our scrubber-driers, even more sensitive floors can be processed without any problems. So that you can enjoy your wipeket cleaning machine for as long as possible, we offer wear parts such as brushes, filters or nozzles here in our store at fair prices. So you always have the right accessory at hand to work quickly and cleanly.

Cleaning machine accessories for vacuum cleaners

The cleaning machines with their accessories are some of the stars from our range for your business. The wet-dry vacuum cleaner is particularly powerful and versatile in use compared to competing products. For example, the practical dust nozzle makes it easy to suck in coarse and loose dirt, while the round and flat nozzles are intended more for fine dust in inaccessible places, such as corners and edges. The round nozzle also has a set of soft bristles on the air intake, which makes it good for cleaning upholstered or leather furniture. The practical dust filter prevents loose dirt from leaving the container again. The NTS80 wet-dry vacuum can also easily remove water and other liquids from surfaces. The specially designed wet nozzle with its robust rubber coating on the flat side is ideally suited for vacuuming damp dirt without leaving any residue.

Accessories for scrubber driers

Scrubber-driers work according to a simple three-phase principle: First, the floor is wetted with moisture. Then, a fast-spinning cleaning brush or pad loosens the dirt from the floor and mixes it with the cleaning water. The water/dirt mixture is then removed from the floor by a rubber strip and vacuumed up without leaving any residue. The innovative scrubber-dryer handles these actually very labor-intensive phases in parallel, resulting in enormous efficiency.

To cater for different floor surfaces, we offer three different cleaning pads for our scrubber dryers. The red pads are the all-rounders. With a moderate hardness, they also remove stubborn dirt. However, this works much better with the black cleaning pads. The particularly hard surface enables even sticky dirt to be easily removed from the floor. The white pads are pure polishing mats. These can also be used for the after-treatment of sensitive floors. To ensure that you can work with the scrubber dryers as long and as satisfied as possible, we offer the cleaning brushes, squeegees and wiping lips on the back of the machine as spare parts.

Electrifying cleaning machine accessories

wipeket has always worked only with electrically driven cleaning machines and cleaning equipment. Therefore, it is not surprising that in our range of high-quality accessories also electrical components must not be missing. Thus, we offer for our large cordless scrubber-dryer SWM50E a suitable 24 V spare battery set and the compatible charger. These accessories allow the powerful scrubber-dryer to run for 3.5 hours with a charging time of just 6 hours. This means the cleaning machine is ready to go again in time for the next shift, even after demanding operations.

Accessories for sweepers

Sweepers work on a simple principle: the two, fast-spinning side brushes transport dust, dirt and smaller stones and leaves directly in front of the machine. As you pass over the dirt, the main cleaning brush on the bottom of the machine ensures that everything ends up in the large dust bin. The plastic bars and built-in filter allow for virtually dust-free air throughout the process, preventing dust and debris from leaving the bin again.

Brushes as well as the filter are permanently exposed to abrasive media such as stones, sand and other small particles and are therefore among the wearing parts of this type of machine. Therefore we offer you the possibility to purchase the side brush es as well as the main cleaning brush and the filters as spare parts at an affordable price suitable for your cleaning machine. A special feature lies in the design of the dust filter of our large ride-on sweeper AKM80: This can be freed from coarse dirt by a rotating movement. This so-called vibrating filter is particularly practical, as it can be cleaned regularly and thus the service life of this accessory, compared to conventional dust filters, is significantly extended.

Take a look at our cleaning devices, inform yourself on the product detail pages about machines as well as accessories and contact us if you have any questions about the products - call us or write us a message. more
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