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Cleaning machines, scrubber driers, ride-on sweepers, wet-dry vacuums and more.

Cleaning machines have a crystal clear mission, and that is to ensure a high level of cleanliness in a short time. This is exactly what our cleaning machines of the wipeket brand stand for. The term "cleaning machines" is a broad one: From wet-dry vacuums to scrubber-driers and ride-on sweepers, our range of cleaning machines is broad. Our principle here is that cleanliness is not only generated by the cleaning machines themselves; the energy supply for our cleaning machines is also 100 percent climate-neutral.

In addition, we offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories for our cleaning machines. These range from mostly simple wear parts, such as a cleaning brush, a dust filter or an attachment for the vacuum, to polishing and cleaning pads, which are so not included in the scope of delivery of the actual cleaning machine. Thus, we offer you the opportunity to assemble your own device with the appropriate accessories. Our team of wipeket professionals will be happy to advise you on your choice. In addition, you will receive a bottle of our dirt-dissolving Multi-Blue all-purpose cleaner free of charge with every scrubber-dryer.

Buy cleaning machines at TOPREGAL and always have the right device at hand

As you can see, you are always well prepared and always have the right product at hand for every cleaning case when you buy your cleaning machines at TOPREGAL. Each of the individual devices has its own advantages for your business. For example, the wipeket scrubber-driers are particularly maneuverable thanks to their ergonomically adjustable tiller and can easily reach every narrow row of shelves in your warehouse for cleaning without leaving any residue. In contrast, the attachment sweeper is optimally suited for large areas. This is due to its extraordinarily high cleaning performance of 8,400 square meters per hour on the one hand, and its long running time and high operating speed on the other. Thanks to all these factors, you can comfortably use the attachment sweeper both indoors and outdoors. You can use the wet-dry vacuum cleaner specifically for the reliable cleaning of smaller soils, which can be both dry and damp. more