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Now your business is on the move - transport equipment from Topregal is at the forefront of the market

Every day, goods, materials or even small items are transported from A to B during the daily work in companies. Of course, most of it can be transported by hand, but every now and then it is too much or too heavy. There is a suitable transport cart or trolley for every area of the company - depending on how large or voluminous or how heavy the load to be moved is. Heavy goods in particular should not be moved over long distances using only muscle power, but should be loaded onto a transport cart, transport trolley or, in the case of very heavy material, even onto a pallet truck and thus transported safely. This not only protects the employee's back, but also reduces the risk of accidents.

Transport equipment in the warehouse

The classic area of application for transport equipment is the warehouse. Here, storing and retrieving stored goods is part of the core business. Depending on whether it is a smaller warehouse with shelving for files, boxes and smaller materials or a high-bay warehouse with heavy-duty shelving as far as the eye can see. For the former - depending on the height of the shelves - you may need a single ladder to reach the goods deposited in the upper area and a platform truck for the subsequent transport. Platform trolleys are available here in smaller versions as steel platform trolleys with a small loading area through to the large loading area in the XL magazine trolley variant. In larger warehouses, which are equipped with pallet racks, lift trucks are usually used to drive directly under the pallet with the hand pallet truck, lift and transport on the pallet, especially in the lower rack segments. Electrically powered pallet trucks are often used to quickly unload goods at the loading dock. Smaller items are then loaded onto a hand truck and transported to the desired location. When handling barrels or bottles in the warehouse, special bottle trolleys or barrel rollers are particularly suitable, as these have been adapted to the special shapes.

Transport trolleys in the office

Even in the office environment nothing goes without helping trolleys and transport carts. How else are drinks for the meeting safely brought to or on the conference table? Or heavier mail, such as parcels distributed to employees? A magazine trolley or platform trolley is perfect for mail distribution - above all, this transport trolley in the "folding transport trolley" variant can be stored out of the way to save space when not in use. Smaller platform carts or handle carts are also popular for transporting copy paper. For hospitality, stainless steel tiered trolleys are usually used as serving trolleys. Stainless steel not only looks good here, but is also very easy to clean due to its smooth surface and is popular for transporting food for hygienic reasons.

Which material and which tires are suitable for which application?

We have already briefly touched on the fact that stainless steel is popular in the area of food transport or as a shelf also for food storage (we will soon expand our portfolio here). Here, the material made of steel with the low phosphorus/sulfur content and high chromium content is impressive due to its corrosion-free, colloquially called rust-free, property. In the warehouse, you also need hard-wearing materials that like to get wet from time to time and, above all, are conspicuous so that they are not overlooked. That's why most transport equipment for warehouse use comes in striking hues. Blue has become widely accepted for transport trolleys and this shade is also predominantly found in the new Topregal transport trolley range. Unless otherwise specified, our trolleys are made of powder-coated tubular steel in RAL 5007 (brilliant blue). There are also enormous differences in the wheels and castors of our transport equipment, each of which is suitable for its intended purpose or place of use. Very briefly, it can be remembered that hard castors should be taken for soft floors and soft castors for hard floors. This ensures in any case that your floors are protected. Solid rubber tires are particularly durable compared to a pneumatic tire, which unfortunately can also get a flat tire. In return, a pneumatic tire is much quieter when in use. more