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TecMaschin stands for innovation, quality and functionality. These are the values for which the German inventive spirit is known. German engineers have been inspiring the world with new ideas and technologies for centuries. TecMaschin's practical products are no exception and will help you to grow your business and inspire customers with your new products. The TecMaschin range is as extensive as it is versatile. From the small strapping tool, which places straps quickly and flexibly, to the pallet wrapper, which carries out packaging jobs automatically.

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Intelligent packaging with a manual strapping tool, strapping band and co.

The practical hand strapping tool from TecMaschin, realizes strapping in the length of your PET strap. You will also find the right strapping in our range. This means you can count on receiving everything from a single source and that the technology works together. With its extremely high tensile strength, which can withstand loads of 410 kilograms, and its width of 15.5 millimetres, TecMaschin strapping is ideal for both automatic strapping machines and manual strapping tools. This means that you can cover the majority of your packaging orders with these products alone. You can also use the handy TecMaschin unwinding trolley for strapping to flexibly change the location of your strapping station. The dispenser trolley is particularly useful if the goods to be strapped are particularly large or heavy. The manual strapping tool can be conveniently carried in the upper shelf of the dispenser trolley, making the 20 kilogram roll much easier to handle.

Secure strapping with the pallet wrapper

If you want to wrap an entire pallet at once, we also have the right product in our range: the PWS1650 semi-automatic pallet wrapper makes packing large goods and bundles child's play. By using this robust and durable stretch wrapper, you can safely wrap up to 40 pallets per hour without any physical effort. Whether using the pre-installed programs or your own individually defined and saved wrapping cycles, you will always find an optimum setting to secure pallets from damage, dirt and tipping over during storage and transport. The stretch wrapper is also the ideal choice when it comes to sustainability. Thanks to the innovative pre-stretch system, the wrapping film is pre-stretched by up to 250 percent compared to pallet wrappers with mechanical and magnetic film brakes, which means considerable potential savings in film consumption and therefore also cost savings for you. With pre-stretching, you can obtain 3.5 meters of wrapping film from one meter of film. The openings on the underside of the 1650 millimeter turntable of the PWS1650 make it easy to transport with a forklift truck. This allows the pallet wrapper to be used flexibly. The pallet wrapper is also equipped with a photocell that ensures automatic height detection. The turntable has a maximum load capacity of 2000 kilograms and rotates at a speed of up to twelve revolutions per minute, making the wrapping machine the ideal packaging machine for your company.

From shop windows to offices: TecMaschin advertising displays for effective communication!

This product portfolio is as inexpensive as it is ingenious. TecMaschin is not only responsible for packaging. The range is also supplemented by our versatile and mobile TecMaschin digital advertising displays. Thanks to modern technology, they can be moved quickly from one campaign to the next without the hassle of having to replace advertising material. Whether in the shop window or inside the store: Digital advertising displays and stands act as eye-catchers. So if you want to reach potential customers flexibly and easily or communicate information in the office, TecMaschin advertising displays are the product of the hour.

This is what TecMaschin stands for

TecMaschin: For us, this means innovative products at a fair price. Whether strapping, wrapping or craftsmanship. With us you will find the right product for your application. Practical, flexible to use, whether stationary or mobile. Each item is designed for its specific application, so you can be sure that the product does exactly what it promises. All TecMaschin products are ergonomically designed. Whether packing, carrying or pushing, the handles, knobs and levers on our range are designed to protect the spine and joints, even when working with the equipment for long periods of time. Our strapping trolley can be carried at a comfortable height of 1.07 meters. The HU-P1316 hand strapping tool has a comfortable plastic handle with good adhesive properties. The buttons on this tool are deliberately arranged so that it can be used with one hand. These two examples clearly show what TecMaschin is all about: comfortable and practical design.

Well thought out, well made

TecMaschin also stands for our empowerment philosophy. We want to empower you, the customer. We achieve this with extremely short delivery times for our high-quality products. The items are ready for use in just a few simple steps after unpacking. The visually appealing design in blue ensures a professional appearance towards customers and a high recognition value. Each product is very robust and durable. If an item does break or is no longer functional, we are there to help and advise you. We will be happy to advise you on complaints, repairs and any spare parts you need and offer you the fast delivery speed for which we are renowned. This reduces downtimes and allows your production and warehouse to continue working. Our well-developed service network throughout Germany ensures that your business continues to run efficiently.

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