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Room systems that have it all

Our room systems are designed for every need and application. No matter whether it is a quickly integrable storage platform, a comfortable hall office or a storage tent. The room systems from TOPREGAL convince by short delivery times, because they are usually in stock. Depending on the product, you can quickly plan additional space for indoor and outdoor use and move in soon after.

Why do I need a room system and which one fits my requirements?

All our room systems offer additional space for new or changed requirements. Here it is mostly important that a building planner does not have to be involved first and a new building is planned and built. No, here it is a matter of offering a suitable space solution for the respective requirement without great effort and long planning and possibly construction times. If you need a closed, sound-reducing room for office activities in the warehouse or in production and you have the space, a hall office or master office is the right solution. For a newly created space in the room is perfect classic warehouse platform, also called platform or warehouse platform. Here you can build up to the height and by stairs you can quickly and easily get up to the new working area in the warehouse. Both can also be combined and a warehouse office can be built on a warehouse platform. If you want to be flexible and independent of location, the mobile version, the foldable container office, is a good choice.

The warehouse platform - the classic among the room systems in the warehouse

A warehouse platform consists of a steel structure that can be erected anywhere in the area. Our model of the warehouse platform, prefabricated in three sizes as standard, already covers a large part of the commonly used warehouse platforms. As a result, our storage platforms can be delivered quickly and our extremely fast delivery times apply here as well. You simply choose the standard module or the two extension modules and that's it. The construction can begin.

A hall office for the foreman, please!

A hall office is also often referred to as a master craftsman's office, especially in southern Germany. Here, as the name suggests, the warehouse manager or production foreman can retreat for important phone calls, for example, as a good hall office reduces noise perfectly, or do the paperwork dust-free and odor-protected. Our flexible PREFAB hall office really scores here: it has exactly these properties and can be set up quickly with just a handful of skilled craftsmen. The panels of all PREFAB hall offices can be seamlessly clicked into each other using the tongue-and-groove principle, creating the new master office panel by panel. Click also times purely: PREFAB hall office read details.

Room systems from TOPREGAL: A must for every storage professional

Whether tent hall, PREFAB hall office or storage platform. With our range of room systems, you are sure to find exactly what you were looking for or even something better. Flexible and stationary, high-quality and practical. Our room systems fit your needs and create space for foreman, journeyman, apprentice, as well as for warehouse goods or vehicles. Take a look and convince yourself of our selection of intelligent space solutions. more