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INFO: Due to a production error, we offer our counters as B-goods at a reduced price. I.e. minor paint damage and/or gap dimensions that do not fit 100% may occur, but do not have to. Greet your business partners professionally and leave a perfect first impression. In addition to tidiness and privacy, reception counters also allow small or start-up companies to have a stylish reception area with a full-fledged workstation for your employees.

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The reception counter is your company's business card

The first impression counts. This applies equally to customers as well as business partners, service providers and new employees. The more professionally the reception area is designed, the better your visitors will feel. But often there are many things to do at the same time, especially at the reception desk: Writing telephone notes, distributing mail, booking appointments and rooms, preparing drinks on the conference table for the next meeting, and much more. It can quickly become confusing. With a cleverly chosen reception desk, order and professionalism can be achieved immediately.

In a newly established office, practice or studio, a reception counter not only makes a good impression, but also provides privacy for your data thanks to the raised reception counter on the front side. The many slips of paper, notes, pens and other materials for daily use in the reception area will all find a place in one of the integrated compartments, drawers or cabinets.

A comfortable height of the countertop and the presence of cable ducts ensure that your reception counter also fully serves as a workplace. Depending on the width of the counter, even for more than one person at a time. more
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