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Artists for Kids

Efficient floor cleaning: The SWM30 from TOPREGAL in use at ARTISTS FOR KIDS

ARTISTS FOR KIDS is a children's and young people's aid project founded in 1999 by film producers Bernd Eichinger and Thomas Peter Friedl, which supports at-risk and socially disadvantaged young people and families in cooperation with the Munich Youth Welfare Office. In order to further expand the educational support work, the 'ANTENNE BAYERN hilft` house was opened in Weicht in the Allgäu region in 2013. The next step was to start renovating the neighboring stable building. The renovation of the former stable building, which now serves as a creative center for children and young people, was an exciting step for ARTISTS FOR KIDS. With plans for care, work and movement spaces, a creative lab, and a spacious theater and exhibition space, the nonprofit organization had big plans. But after the construction phase was complete and the first work and craft projects were underway, the staff ran into a problem.

Curative educator Daniel Mayenberger put it aptly: "We've now [...] found that we can hardly manage to clean the floor really cleanly." The area of over 500 square meters seemed almost insurmountable when it came to keeping it clean.

The project from Bavaria had clear ideas about how to use the space, but cleaning the floor was becoming a time-consuming and frustrating task. It was obvious that a solution needed to be found to realize the vision of clean and inviting spaces.

Mitarbeiter von TOPREGAL und Artist for Kids

Verwendung der Scheuersaugmaschine SW30

The answer to the problem came in the form of a generous donation from TOPREGAL. Previously, ARTISTS FOR KIDS asked TOPREGAL for support and explained their situation. In this case, TOPREGAL showed its willingness to help and provided the project with a SWM30 scrubber-dryer. "As chance sometimes has it, we just had a suitable cleaning machine in use for recording a product video. However, after using it, we are no longer able to put this machine on sale," explains Miriam Dechert, Department Manager eCommerce & Marketing at TOPREGAL.

The SWM30 from TOPREGAL's wipeket brand was just the right machine to make floor cleaning efficient. With its high cleaning performance of 1200 m²/h and a brush diameter of 43 cm, it can easily reach even the most difficult places. The combination of scrubbing and suction functions ensured that the floors were dry in a flash and could be used again immediately.

The SWM30 was personally brought to Weicht in the Allgäu region by two TOPREGAL employees and handed over to ARTISTS FOR KIDS. Since then, it has been doing a great job there. It has greatly simplified the cleaning processes and keeps the premises in pristine condition at all times. "We are very happy with the result" says social pedagogue Dagmar Gietl.

And we at TOPREGAL are pleased to have contributed to making the old stable building an inviting place for creative work and to have made the vision of ARTISTS FOR KIDS a reality.