Workbenches & packing tables

Workbenches, packing tables & heavy-duty workbenches

Our workbenches, packing tables & worktables are specially designed for industrial use and for the most flexible possible use in the most diverse areas and workplaces. From a simple worktable with a load capacity of up to 500kg to a completely customised workbench including incorporated tool cabinets, back panel, tool holders and much more, we offer you an extensive range.

All models shown here (except heavy-duty workbenches) are compatible with our storage rack system and are therefore also available as space-saving add-on tables (with only two uprights). Furthermore, our packing tables, worktables and (heavy-duty) workbenches are height-adjustable even in their basic configuration and can also be retrofitted to turn them into a mobile version. All table levels can be individually attached in 50mm increments.

If your workstations already have all they need and you are looking for additional storage capacity or useful accessories, then why not take a look at our heavy-duty racks or our accessories and company equipment. more
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