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Our service is as stable as our racks. In addition to the typical complete offers and a self-configured solution for our pallet racks, we naturally also offer the individual parts and suitable accessories for your storage solution. We distinguish between the categories pallet rack uprights, cross beams, and supports, as well as safety-related accessories. No matter what you need additionally or subsequently to your pallet rack: Here you will find it at the usual fair TOPREGAL price and the quality promise for which our company stands.

Select the appropriate type of pallet rack

Pallet rack uprights: what you need to know.

You can get our pallet rack uprights in heights between 200 cm and 750 cm. Depending on the height of your warehouse, shopping store or hardware store you will find what you are looking for. With a bay load between 9000 kg (PR4500 / PR9000) and 15000 kg (PR15000) you can also choose the rack upright that holds your goods optimally. They are also available in two different depths to make the best use of the space available without being constrained by a limited space. Our pallet racks can also be placed outside buildings. Thanks to the hot-dip galvanized finish, our special rust-resistant pallet rack uprights can withstand even the harshest weather conditions. Position yourself safely. With the pallet rack uprights from TOPREGAL.

Pallet rack uprights: what you need to know

Available in 3 lengths (180 cm, 270 cm, 360 cm), TOPREGAL's pallet rack trusses perform the most important task in the warehouse: they take load. And not too little: the shelf load varies between 2000 kg and 4500 kg maximum weight, depending on the truss length and pallet rack type. This means that particularly heavy items on Euro pallets can be stored in professional pallet racking. The uncomplicated assembly with the help of safety pins, which are hooked into the pallet rack uprights, make the assembly and retrofitting of these heavy-duty racks and cross beams particularly easy. Here, too, the material determines the location: the PR4500 and PR9000 cross beams are also available in hot-dip galvanized versions. This means that nothing stands in the way of outdoor storage. Have weights lifted, with the pallet rack traverses from TOPREGAL.

Pallet rack supports: What you need to know

Wood, steel, grating and wire mesh support. TOPREGAL shelf supports for our pallet racks are as versatile as their applications. For the storage of Euro pallets only, it is possible to do without a shelf support. However, as soon as small parts, open fronted storage bins, suitcases or other packages that do not correspond to the typical dimensions have to be stored, it becomes difficult to store without a shelf support. Here, the individual support materials and finishes have their own special properties. For example, wooden shelves are attractive when light objects are stored in dry rooms. If the fire load in a building is too high, more resistant materials can be used, such as a grating made of hot-dip galvanized steel. These can also be used well in corrosive environments. Our TOPREGAL experts will also be happy to advise you when it comes to choosing the optimal pallet rack support.

Safety first

A pallet rack rarely comes alone. In most cases, in addition to a racking system, industrial trucks such as forklifts, high-lift trucks or even high-speed trucks are also used to facilitate everyday warehouse operations. In order to protect the rack uprights and the lower structures of your racking from collisions, you need safety-relevant accessories, such as impact protection bollards, a collision protection in U- or L-shape or even a whole impact protection plank. This will not only protect your racks and the goods and raw materials stored in them. The use of appropriate protective equipment is also prescribed by DGUV 108-007. The impact protection planks and collision gates are also simply fastened to the floor with bolt anchors. These safety devices are TÜV-tested and comply with all relevant standards and regulations of the legislator. Play it safe with the safety-relevant accessories from TOPREGAL.

Further accessories

Grid back wall, drum support, spacer and load distributor. The other accessories from TOPREGAL are just as varied as the stored goods. For example, you can prevent goods from falling out at the back of the rack with a grid back panel or use the drum support to place drums in a pallet rack that would otherwise take up an enormous amount of space on the floor. To match our drum supports, we also have drip pans in two different sizes in our range. With the help of spacers and load distributors, additional features of a pallet rack can be realized. Thus, several racks can be placed one behind the other or attached to the wall. With the load distributor you ensure that the weight of individual items is better distributed to the crossbars and thus to the load-bearing elements of the rack. This allows supports to carry a heavier load. It is best to consult our TOPREGAL experts to find the best shelving solution for you from these diverse options. more