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The core of our factory equipment & technology

Quality, functionality and safety. These are the standards we have set for ourselves in the field of factory equipment and technology. Not only our various cleaning devices are of the highest quality . The tools and machines from our operating technology category are also of high quality and offer many different functionalities. For example, with our packaging articles, such as the practical hand strapping tool HU-P1316 or the large pallet wrapper PWS1650, you can quickly tie and wrap goods to make them ready for shipment. For additional safety during transport, the LPM16 air cushioning machine turns our TecMaschin air cushion film into soft and robust air cushions. All our products are designed to be safe and meet all relevant European standards for operational safety. Our lockable tool cabinets and lockers provide extra protection against unauthorised access to materials or tools. In addition, our rack collision protection protects your shelves from major damage in the event of carelessness during hectic operations.

Factory technology for every operation

Our operating technology category is divided into three fixed areas in which TecMaschin specialises: Factory Technology, Packaging Technology and Sanitary & Indoor Climate.

The plant technology area is intended specifically for work in warehouses and workshops that does not necessarily have to do with packaging, transport or the dispatch of goods. In this range you will find a wide selection of tools, such as our compact tool trolley WZ220, with four filled drawers full of screwdrivers, several ratchet sets and a variety of different pliers. Our TecMaschin tool case WKB47 impresses with its hardened chrome vanadium tools and a practical way to store and transport the tools.

When working on your vehicles, the hydraulic jack WH50 will help. This compact power pack does not only lift normal cars. With a traction weight of 50 t, this jack can even lift trucks to a comfortable working height.

Electrifyingly simple

Our TecMaschin brand electrical equipment is also impressive. With the 880 W electric barrel pump FP60, for example, you can pump out particularly large drums within seconds or transfer liquids from one container to the next. The BV34 electric wire tying tool also manages up to 1500 knots with a 12 V battery and is therefore the perfect helper on the construction site. Ideally, you should always be able to see something on your construction site or in your warehouse, regardless of whether you are still working late at night or in the basement. For this purpose, TecMaschin offers several mains-operated and solar-powered LED lamps, which turn night into day both indoors and outdoors. Also practical: together with a lamppost, you can install the SLS6000 solar light permanently in your yard, along paths or internal roads, so that you always have a clear view.

With our freely mountable and flexible solar panel, you can even choose which electrical device is supplied with solar energy. Used properly, this 69-cell solar panel not only saves you money, but also helps the environment.

A clean thing

Cleaning machines have a crystal-clear mission: to ensure a high level of cleanliness in a short time. This is what our cleaning equipment division of the wipeket brand stands for. The term cleaning machine is broadly defined: From wet-dry vacuum cleaners, to high-pressure cleaners, to scrubber dryers and ride-on sweepers, our range of cleaning items is broad. Here, too, the following applies: Cleanliness is not only produced by the cleaning device itself. The energy supply of these machines is also 100% climate-neutral.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of spare parts and accessories for our cleaning machines. These range from mostly simple wear parts, such as a cleaning brush, a dust filter or an attachment for the vacuum cleaner, to polishing and cleaning pads, which are not included in the scope of delivery of the actual cleaning machine. Thus we offer you the possibility to assemble your device with the suitable accessories yourself. Our wipeket experts will be pleased to advise you. In addition, you will receive a bottle of our dirt-dissolving Multi-Blue all-purpose cleaner free of charge with every scrubber-dryer.

Quality has its (small) price

TOPREGAL's motto has always been: Quality has its price. But that this must be particularly high, of it stands nowhere something. So we offer our business equipment and technology at the usual low prices. However, this is no reason to reduce the quality of products and services. Our articles have a high quality and all the necessary devices, which are essential for operational safety.

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