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TOPREGAL's high-quality solar products are perfectly suited for outdoor use and generate the required electricity completely by themselves. Completely without complex laying of cables, the solar-powered outdoor lighting is placed where it is needed.

The energy produced purely by solar power is 100% green power and by being independent of the general power grid, mixing with fossil fuels such as nuclear and coal energy is completely eliminated.

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Solar technology from TOPREGAL - environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

TOPREGAL offers reliable power sources in the form of high-quality solar technology. The long-lasting solar products help you to save energy and thus costs without polluting the environment. At TOPREGAL, you will find the latest technologies and developments in solar energy for their operation.

With a solar carport fill up with 100 % green-generated electricity

Experience the mobility revolution with our SoloPort solar carports - A key to sustainable energy generation. Our solar carports are masterpieces of independence, as they are used completely detached from the general power grid. The roof of a solar carport is equipped with 12 powerful solar modules that deliver an impressive power generation of 420 Wp per module. In total, the solar carport generates a maximum power of 5 KW, making it an efficient and environmentally friendly source of energy. The robust frame construction made of durable aluminium profiles offers optimal protection against the elements and guarantees a long service life. The roof pitch of 10 degrees is ideal for solar energy generation and maximises the efficiency of the carports.

LED Solar Light & LED Solar Spotlight - Brightly Illuminated

With strong luminous flux, the LED solar lights of the brand TecMaschin optimally illuminate paths and squares and, thanks to the flexibly adjustable angle of the solar module, ensures perfect alignment and energy generation even on less sunny days. With three brightness levels, the street lantern turns night into day. This solar-powered outdoor lighting is suitable even for rented company premises, as no structural changes are required to lay power cables. Simply set up, align and illuminate. Invest in greater safety for your employees: whether on their way home or working outdoors in low light conditions. Did you know that in our extensive B2B range smoking shelters with LED solar spotlights offer?

TecMaschin solar module - fast charging thanks to solar energy

The universally applicable 70W solar module of the TOPREGAL brand TecMaschin can charge devices such as lamps, fans and air conditioners effortlessly with solar energy - for this purpose we recommend connecting a so-called mini power station (also known as power station or solar generator) to the solar panel in order to store the energy thus obtained and convert it suitably for the connected device. We use it as an additional power source for our solar cargo bike. Due to its compact size, the TecMaschin solar panel can be flexibly attached to almost any place and is easy to install.

Electric solar-powered cargo bike - climate-neutral travel

Transport loads over 170 kilos emission-free. This is made possible by the electric solar cargo bike from TOPREGAL. Equipped with its own solar panel, the battery can also be charged during the ride with the power of the sun, thus extending the duration of use. The electric drive supports up to 25 km/h (~ 15,5 mph) and masters inclines effortlessly. The lithium-ion battery lasts at least 40 kilometres (~ 25 miles) and can be fully recharged in 6 hours.

TOPREGAL's solar products are not only energy efficient, but also stylish. Discover the solar technology category now and let the sun work for you! more
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