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Our production facilities are equipped with the latest manufacturing equipment and meet the highest quality standards. We guarantee constant monitoring and precision control of all production processes and the raw materials used to ensure the durability and resilience of our high-quality heavy-duty shelving. These are specially designed to withstand extreme conditions and the highest loads. In addition, we subject our technical products to strict testing procedures in accordance with the FEM4.004 standard to guarantee their quality and safety in every respect.

Heavy-duty shelving: safety meets quality

We develop and produce our heavy-duty shelving in accordance with the specifications for the use of commercial shelving systems in the BGR234 trade association standard, better known today as "DGUV 108-007", and the European DIN EN 15635 standard. These define, for example, regulations on the following points:

  • Load capacity
  • rigidity
  • Stability
  • Regulation of traffic routes and aisles to be maintained
  • Securing of stored goods
  • Labeling (load and type plates)
  • Fire protection

These regulations must also be observed by you as the user of the racking system. Safety-relevant accessories such as collision protection, push-through protection or shelves can be found in the categories Shelving components and impact protection. We use special signal colors to mark our products in the best possible way and prevent possible accidents in your warehouse. Our shelving components are painted in signal blue RAL 5005 and pure orange RAL 2004. Our collision protection products are painted in signal yellow and fitted with conspicuous black stripes. By constantly monitoring the production process and the raw materials used, we ensure consistently high-quality products that can withstand even the highest demands.

Technical products: Safety check before delivery

Before delivery, our devices are tested in accordance with the FEM4.004 standard. This is an established standard, especially for conveyor and storage technology. This standard defines requirements for operational safety and performance. Through this preventive test, we ensure that every device meets the highest applicable safety and performance standards on delivery. Our test team, consisting of qualified technicians, carries out extensive standardized tests to certify the resilience, functionality and reliability of our products. So you can be sure that you are receiving tested and reliable devices.

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AVPQ certificate

Logo AVPQThe abbreviation AVPQ stands for "Amtliches Verzeichnis präqualifizierter Unternehmen der Industrie- und Handelskammern für den Liefer- und Dienstleistungsbereich". TOPREGAL was certified for the first time in 2021 by the Stuttgart Chamber of Industry and Commerce responsible for us. This procedure is repeated annually and kept up to date. As part of the standardized process, companies are checked in advance (prequalified), making it easier to compile the necessary documents for tenders from the public institutions and companies sector. Inclusion in a nationwide, official directory takes place in parallel. Only reliable and efficient companies may benefit from this presumption of suitability by the chambers and are included in this database.

Proof & certificate

We will be happy to send you the current TOPREGAL GmbH certificate with certificate number 08 008 865943 on request.

The official directory is available online at Companies can be found using search criteria such as name, registered office, CPV code, etc. You can access our entry via "Search". More detailed information ("Extended view") is available after entering the access code 3902.

Further information on AVPQ can be found here: