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A mobile tire rack, or tire cart, is extremely practical in auto repair shops with attached tire storage. The tire change, which is due twice a year, is already started in a back-friendly way thanks to the mobile tire rack: The stored wheels are placed on the tire cart and driven to the car. There the quick change takes place and with a tire rack for 8 tires the exchange can take place without mixing the tire type per level. You simply select in the filter the tire size that suits you - in cm or inches, as you wish - and immediately the appropriate tire trolleys are displayed below. Once you have worked with it, you will not want to miss this practical workshop helper again. Convince yourself!

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Ergonomic work with the tire rack mobile.

Complete wheels with steel rims weigh a few kilograms. It is possible to lift a wheel and carry it to the car, but if you carry several wheels from the warehouse to the lifting platform every day, you will quickly feel the strain on your back. A tire trolley or a mobile tire rack can quickly remedy this situation. Equipped with four swivel castors and made of painted steel, you have a flexible helper at your side in the car workshop for many years.

But a tire rack on wheels is not only practical for an upcoming wheel change. Even if the wheels have to be temporarily stored for a short time when screwing on the car and the workshop is rather small or the paths are narrow, a mobile tire rack can simply be rolled out of the way.

For the different wheels, tires or rims, the tire cart is available in three depths: 40cm deep is perfect for 13 - 15 inch wheels, a depth of 50cm for 16 - 18 inch tires and a 60cm deep tire rack for tires between 19 and 29 inches. Thanks to the small bearing surface of the tire on the rack, the tires can be stored for a long time without any problems, because no pressure points are formed.

A tire cart becomes a work table or storage rack mobile

In the automotive workshop, such a tire rack on wheels can also be quickly "misused": for example, an engine block or other automotive parts can be placed on it so that work can continue on it. It is also no secret that our mobile tire racks can also be converted into an individual mobile work table or a mobile workbench with a support. With a perforated back panel and a tool cabinet, tools and work equipment are sorted away in a space-saving and tidy manner. more
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