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Technical customer service

Your service area for the SolidHub, TecMaschin and wipeket brands - the best service is our focus.

Our services:

  • Spare parts supply
  • repairs
  • UVV inspections
  • Regular maintenance
  • Support with technical questions


If you have any questions, we will be happy to help you by email at, in the online chat or by phone on +49 7158 9181-777.


With our repair service, we ensure that you remain operational at all times. All our products are expertly repaired and tested at our locations in Filderstadt, Wesel and Pasewalk to ensure the highest quality and reliability. We generally have the most common spare parts and individual parts as well as wearing parts for our appliances in stock.

Our in-house paint shop enables precise repairs and painting on the spot. In addition, the team in our experienced electrical department guarantees that all electrical installations and repairs are carried out safely and in accordance with standards.

No matter where you are, our professional team is there to help you quickly and efficiently. With our nationwide presence, we guarantee comprehensive and personal support for each of our customers.

For regions and situations where we cannot be on site in person, we have access to an extensive network of reliable contract service partners. These partners have been carefully selected and will provide you with competent support in all matters. We ask our customers from abroad to contact us personally.

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Battery service

Our battery service includes

  • precise voltage measurements
  • Thorough battery checks
  • regular maintenance
  • sustainable reconditioning options

At our service center in Filderstadt, experienced technicians with the latest technology guarantee maximum accuracy when checking your appliances. With TOPREGAL, you not only receive first-class service for the appliances you buy from us, but also environmentally conscious solutions for long-lasting and consistent performance.

Maintenance services and UVV inspection (FEM4.004)

Whether at our premises or directly at your site, we carry out regular UVV inspections and maintenance work. Our trained team of inspectors is on hand to ensure that your equipment meets the highest safety standards. Flexibility is our keyword.

We offer regular maintenance work and UVV inspections as contractual services. Regardless of specific requirements, our standardized services ensure high quality and reliability in the inspection and maintenance of your equipment. Simply contact us!

Safety comes first. You can rely on us not only to respond to your needs, but also to proactively ensure that your equipment is always safe and ready for use.

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FEM4.004 conformity test before delivery

Before delivery, our devices are tested in accordance with the FEM4.004 standard. An established standard, especially for conveyor and storage technology. This standard defines requirements for operational safety and performance. Through this preventive testing, we ensure that every device meets the highest applicable safety and performance standards on delivery. Our team of qualified technicians carries out extensive standardized tests to certify the resilience, functionality and reliability of our products. So you can be sure that you are getting tested and reliable equipment.

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Do it Yourself (DIY) - self-diagnosis and repair

Welcome to the TOPREGAL DIY area!

We not only carry out repairs for you, but also support you in carrying out minor repairs yourself. With detailed instructions and direct contact with our service team, you will be able to diagnose and rectify simple problems yourself.

You can also find suitable spare parts here in the online store under Individual parts & spare parts.

Do you need advice on the right spare part or do you have questions about repairs? You can reach us conveniently by e-mail, online chat or telephone - in whatever way suits you best. We support you by providing step-by-step instructions and offering advice if you have any questions or uncertainties. Put your trust in our expertise and take the repair of minor defects into your own hands with our support.

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