+++ Celebrate 15 years of TOPREGAL with us - in April: 15% additional discount - up to 58% savings possible! +++

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Discount campaign in the anniversary month of April

We are celebrating an incredible 15 years of TOPREGAL GmbH! What began with an idea and lots of orange-blue steel in Filderstadt in 2009, has developed into a globally active online company, which has long been offering more than just shelves within Germany. We think this is an extraordinarily good reason to celebrate together, and for you, this means: during the entire anniversary month of April, you receive an additional 15% discount on your orders – that's up to 58% savings off the standard price. 

** Excluded from this campaign are electric forklifts (GSE series), solar carport coverings (PP models), mezzanine floors and all service offerings, such as installations, inspections, etc. 

Also, read the interview with our CEO in the News & Press section regarding the history of TOPREGAL GmbH.

Fairly calculated prices and an insight into all discounts & offers can be found here. True to the motto: "Do good and talk about it!"

✔ Shopping cart discount scales 
✔ Complete shelves: ready + finished = low cost 
✔ Economy packages: products recommended by our sales department with price advantage 
✔ Discount & self-collection discount 


Fairly calculated prices and insight into all discounts & offers can be found here. True to the motto: "Do good and talk about it!"

Satisfied with us? - Tell a friend!

"Recommendations are the best advertising" is something you hear and read again and again. This is why rating platforms have become so successful in the first place. Let's be honest: isn't it the same for you? When you hear from a friend or colleague that a product or service was excellent or even exceeded your expectations, you feel confirmed that you made the right choice the next time you make a purchase. Our expert sales team hears this phrase almost every day, and that's why we now want to reward our loyal customers with a 5% voucher for their next purchase.


How does our "Customers recruit customers" campaign work?

You recommend us to others, and the new customer mentions your name and company as a referrer. As soon as a purchase over €1,000 net goods value has been made, we will send you a 5% online voucher code. This code can be used in the online shop on your next purchase for all discountable items. Simply enter the code in the shopping basket and redeem it. Do you have any questions or need more information? Chat with us or give us a call, we are happy to help!

Complete racks are cheaper than individual parts

We offer a variety of pre-configured shelves, so-called complete offers, in our shop - including all small parts and accessories. Here we have calculated how much space is needed in the delivery truck, and we know exactly how to load these shelves in the most space-saving way. The resulting cost savings are directly deducted for complete shelves, compared to individual single parts and accessories.

Savings packages

Sophisticated technology in the online shop meets expert knowledge in sales. The savings packages have been developed in cooperation with our product experts and the online team and are individually tied up. Depending on the item selected, suitable articles are suggested - at a reduced savings package price that is only valid during the current order process.

Discount deduction & self-collector discount

If you pick up your ordered goods yourself, you save another 5% on the net value of the goods. Here the journey to the customer is omitted, and we are happy to pass the savings on to you! This saving is directly displayed and deducted in the online ordering process. And if you decide to pay in advance, you can look forward to a further 2% deduction.

Online shopping baskets: big, bigger, cheapest!

Here too, our business model is simple and online: depending on the amount of the shopping basket, our shop is able to deduct an immediate discount on the net value of the goods. Directly, without waiting for an offer, you will receive a discount on your order in three scales from 3% up to 10%. You can see the discount directly in the online shopping cart, can print it out and use it as an offer for internal coordination. This saves you time and our work, which in turn benefits you in terms of price.

**Excluded from this promotion are all items excluded from further discounts. You can recognise these by the corresponding information text on their product page and in the shopping basket on the item concerned: „No further discount is provided for this item. This also applies to self-collection and promotions. The cart discount reduction is already included in the final price.“

And now: Have fun in our online shop!