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TOPREGAL. Your heavy duty shelving, pallet racking and office furniture manufacturer.

"Storage technology directly from the manufacturer in the best quality, at the best price - and with unbeatable short delivery times" - this is our motto when it comes to our products and making our customers happy. TOPREGAL GmbH, located in Filderstadt near Stuttgart, has been the first address for tradesmen in the field of warehouse equipment, office furniture, operating technology, cleaning equipment and much more since 2009. The selection ranges from heavy-duty shelving to packing tables and multifunctional workbenches. With the heavy duty shelving, you will find even more subcategories such as a pallet rack, wide span rack / storage rack, cantilever  rack & vertical rack especially for long goods, tire rack, as well as sloping floor rack. We could list here a much longer list of products around storage technology - discover our portfolio yourself here in the online store. Even apart from heavy duty racks we have built up an impressive assortment for companies in the last years - and we are constantly expanding it. Please visit us from time to time and discover our new assortments. Whether transport equipment, ladders, lifting equipment, forklifts: we have a lot to offer for horizontal and vertical transport. This product portfolio is supplemented by operating technology, which is characterized by packaging machines, sanitary technology and factory technology. Here you will find tool trolleys, a machine vice, a professional strapping tool, packaging materials such as PP strapping or stretch film, hand dryers and much, much more. You can also find cleaning equipment in our store. We distinguish between scrubber-driers, ride-on sweepers and wet-dry vacuums. Thus TOPREGAL covers almost every cleaning case.

Quality shelves from the professional

Years of experience and sophisticated engineering technology go into every single shelf or product so that we can meet our high quality standards. All our racks are tested according to DGUV rule 108-007 (former BGR 234) or DIN EN 15512. The racks are tested for load, stiffness and stability during this inspection.

The two heavy-duty rack variants "palletrack" and "cantilever rack" are available for outdoor use in hot-dip galvanized steel.

Mobile shelving, mobile packing tables and mobile workbenches

Almost any shelving can be purchased as mobile shelving. Some models configured by us, such as the mobile tire rack or the mobile storage rack, can be found in the category "Mobile Shelving & Tables" - here, too, there is a configurator that leaves nothing to be desired for an individual mobile shelf.

Shelf configurator for individual dimensions

A heavy duty shelf from Topregal is available in almost any size. Even though we have already made many configurations here in our online store, you always have the possibility to put together a shelf yourself. Under the heading Shelving Individual Parts & Accessories you will find trusses, upright elements for shelves, shelf supports, push-through protections, etc. If you still can't find the dimensions you need with the pallet rack configurator, please don't hesitate to contact our experienced consultants.

Legally required rack inspection? - with the TOPREGAL assembly team!

Our in-house TOPREGAL assembly team will be happy to carry out the annual inspections of your ra cks required by law. We can also inspect heavy-duty metal shelving units that were not purchased from us upon request. Make an appointment directly for your next inspection.

Storage technology further thought - accessories, additions such as tool cabinets, lockers and more. For storage rack and workbench we offer integrable tool cabinets and lockers - of course also as mobile workbench. You will find further accessories such as impact protection / collision protection, magnetic tape for shelf labeling and open fronted storage boxes / storage boxes for a sloping shelf in the accessories segment.

Room systems: Room solutions with system

For some time now, we have been offering a storage platform that can be ordered online in three sizes, with fast and uncomplicated delivery. Hardly planned, it can soon be started with the assembly in warehouse or production. An enrichment for the warehouse platform, as warehouse platforms are also often called, is the hall office / master office. Here, too, the following applies: without lengthy construction planning, a warehouse office can be erected within one day with just a few assembly steps. This works with our construction method by means of simple panel plug-in technology.

The easy-to-use hall office configurator allows your individual master office to be created before your eyes within a few minutes. As easy and fast as the assembly and delivery of this special indoor space solution.

This selection is complemented by our mobile rooms which are characterized by quick assembly and disassembly. Here you can quickly expand warehouses and create space for working. This is possible due to our foldable office container FALTFIX, which inspires by an assembly time of less than 4 minutes. With the folding container you are ready for the coming outdoor use.

Office furniture - the ideal addition to our range of warehouse equipment

Where there is a warehouse, there is usually an office not far away. The inclusion of the range of office furniture is an ideal addition for TOPREGAL and is based on customer requests and market observation. Here we offer the categories: Reception counters & reception furniture for a positive first impression when customers visit. Also during the following meeting your guests and employees will feel comfortable and work productively at the large and functional conference table while sitting healthy and above all comfortable on the cantilever chairs of our category conference chairs.

Reception desks are available in two forms: VERA and PETRA furniture series. Both furniture series are available in different sizes, colors & decors. We also offer the conference tables ANJA and ELLA in different sizes: the "small" offers space for 10 people and the "large" conference table for 18 people. Of course, they are also available as a complete set consisting of a conference table and matching modern stackable conference chairs from the MARINA series. Of course, the TOPREGAL motto also applies here: our office furniture is already in stock and can therefore be delivered at short notice - attractively priced and of high quality: simply see for yourself: to the new range of office furniture.

This high-quality assortment is supplemented since newest also by height-adjustable desks. Not only the working atmosphere, but also the health of your employees will be improved. Regular standing during the day reduces the risk of back pain and improves posture. For this purpose, we offer the frame MILLA as well as the corresponding table top in different sizes and designs.

Technical equipment for the warehouse professional

In warehouse logistics, not only transport equipment and shelves are needed. Packaging material, strapping tools and wrapping machines are also used. From hand strapping tools to pallet wrappers, we have all kinds of packaging machines in this assortment. In addition, there is a wide range of tools, which can be stored in tool trolleys and tool cases. The material flow is optimally supported by these technical devices. As with all other TOPREGAL articles, attention is paid to sustainability. That is why you will not find any machine here that is powered by gasoline or diesel, but only electrically. This protects all employees who have to work with these machines, as well as the environment.

Cleaning equipment - a clean solution for your business

The cleaning equipment section under the wipeket brand has it all. Here you will find scrubber-driers, ride-on sweepers, high-pressure cleaners and wet-dry vacuums. Each of these machines has its own unique strengths. The small SWM30 walk-behind scrubber-dryer is maneuverable and compact, making it ideal for narrow aisles and narrow rows of warehouse racks. The large AKM80 ride-on sweeper, on the other hand, impresses with its particularly high cleaning performance and can be used both indoors and outdoors. The powerful NTS80 wet/dry vacuum cleaner, on the other hand, uses 3000 W to remove even small metal parts from surfaces of all kinds. All our machines are flexible and inexpensive.

Our cleaning machines are as quiet as possible and can therefore be used in various environments: In the supermarket, the warehouse, the production, in the hospital and other public facilities it is conceivable to use one or more of them. Our cleaning machines are completely emission-free and thus further promote the energy turnaround and sustainability.

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