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Tire racks & rim racks

Tire racks are suitable for storing car tires, rims and complete wheels - of course as gently as professionally. TOPREGAL tire racks are designed to minimize the contact area of the tires on the rack. Thanks to the stepped crossbars, this is optimally distributed over the entire tire. No matter if tires, rims or complete wheels: For all common tire sizes we offer the suitable depth at our tire racks.

Please select your Tyre rack

Fitting rack depth for your tyre size
* Recommendation is based on the specified customs size.
Number of layers

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Product description

Tire racks of the LR2000 type

Field loads - stationary 2,000 kilograms / mobile 500 kilograms

  • Rack height: two to four meters

  • Cross beams are the load carriers of a tire rack. They are individually height-adjustable in increments of five centimeters - available from us in 110 and 220 centimeters.

  • Different supports and extensive accessories

  • Different depths for different tire and rim sizes

  • Each tire rack is available as a mobile version

  • Modular construction
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best price
  • All parts included

Our tire racks and their designs

Painted for indoor use

Overview: Uprights of the tire rack LR2000

Painted uprights including braces and foot parts

Upright dimensions

Technical information

The right rack depth for your tire sizes*

40 centimeters

13 to 15 inches

50 centimeters

16 to 18 inches

60 centimeters

19 to 29 inches

* Our recommendations regarding shelf depth and tire size are based on the average tire size when using the specified inch size.

Number of possible levels (recommendations
)based on tire sizes 17 inches + 18 inches

Height of the tire rack

2.0 meters = 3 levels

2.5 meters = 3 levels

3.0 meters = 4 levels

3.5 meters = 5 levels

4.0 meters = 5 levels

Tire rack: mobile or stationary?

With the height-adjustable base with roller, your tire rack or tire trolley can be adjusted up to 40 centimeters in height. This results in individually adjustable heights from 89 to 254 centimeters, depending on the type and basic size selected.

Stationary tire rack

Mobile tire rack with height-adjustable base

Bay, shelf and point load

Bay load stationary: maximum 2,000 kilograms

Bay load mobile: maximum 500 kilograms

  • Total load capacity between two rack uprights

Max. shelf load 400 kilograms per level

  • Total load capacity per truss level or per shelf

Point load per base plate with evenly distributed load maximum 1,000 kilograms

  • One point load generated by the rack upright on the floor

Assembly of the uprights

Technical information

Floor anchoring foot plate

The floor anchoring is done by using bolt anchors M8x55

  • Drill holes: 8mm Ø, 80mm deep

  • Blow out holes

  • Hammer the bolt anchor into the drilled hole

  • Tighten the nut firmly with an open-end wrench or similar tool

If the height of the top shelf level is less than five times the depth of the shelf, the shelf does not need to be fixed or secured against tipping. Please make sure to fasten the bolt anchors professionally. Our in-house assembly team will gladly take over the proper assembly of your tire racks.

More about our rack assemblies

Modular construction

Due to the modular construction it is possible to add on and extend an existing rack at any time.

Axle dimensions

  • Axle dimension describes the width of a shelf bay as well as the distance between two uprights.

  • We offer axle dimensions in widths of 110 and 220 centimeters.

  • Axle dimensions can be freely combined with each other.

  • Configure tire racks individually with your desired bay lengths. Due to the modular design, the racks can be extended at any time.

Assembly cross beams

Technical Information

Securing the cross beams

Required individual parts: Pre-assembled rack upright, truss, securing pin.

Set up the pre-assembled uprights, hang the trusses at the desired height in the upright profile on both sides and insert the locking pins in the hole provided in the truss. The trusses are hung in a grid of 50 millimeters. Please note to mount the last crossbar at least 50 centimeters before the end of the upright.

Tire rack with supports

You can equip individual levels of your tire racks with a shelf to store useful items such as tools for mounting, rim cleaner, grease and wheel nuts. This way, a tire rack can be customized to meet individual needs.

Wooden shelf

Optimal for storing dry products, such as cartons or storage boxes.

Steel floor

Optimal for storing liquids, such as varnish or oil, as it is washable.


Ideally suited for the storage of hazardous materials or liquids.

Multiplex board

Optimally suited as a worktop due to its durability. The surface is sealed with linseed oil varnish and can therefore be washed at any time.


Wall mounting / Connecting

Spacer of 20 centimeters for fixing shelves in the wall.

Spacer for parallel positioning of rows of tire racks. Alternatively, the shelves can be bolted directly together without a spacer.

For rack heights up to 2.5 meters, we recommend the use of two spacers.
From a height of 3 meters we recommend the use of three spacers.
All assembly material is included in the price and scope of delivery.

Operational safety: DIN and DGUV compliant tire racks

Collision protection for racking systems

Collision protection to prevent possible damage to the rack upright.

According to DIN EN 15365 and DGUV 108-007, corner areas must be equipped with collision protection.

Our collision protection is tested and certified according to DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR234).

Each collision protection is supplied including four bolt anchors for floor fastening.

Application examples

Accessories - suitable for LR2000

Lockers & Cupboards

To the cabinets and lockers

Collision protection

To the safety accessories

Height compensation plates

To the shims

Open fronted storage boxes

Go to storage boxes

Tire racks for professional storage of tires and rims

In tire racks you store car tires, rims and complete wheels both gently and professionally. The purchase of a tire rack is therefore already worthwhile if you change the car tires twice a year, because the storage of the complete wheels or tires is extremely gentle on the material. Thus you can avoid pressure marks by wrong storage purposefully. TOPREGAL tire racks are designed to minimize the contact area of the tires on the rack. Thanks to the step crossbars, this contact surface is optimally distributed over the entire tire.

It does not matter whether you want to store tires, rims or complete wheels: We offer the right rack depth for all common tire sizes. Three available depths can be easily selected in the configurator. In the smallest version, the basic rack offers space for eight wheels. Thanks to the modular design, any number of tire racks can be combined and extended. The crossbars can also be individually hooked in at different heights.

The assembly of the rim rack is very simple, as it is a plug-in system. The crossbars are simply hooked into the uprights of the rack. If you prefer to store the tires on the wall, you can order the available wall bracket directly and attach the tire rack to the wall with it. For transportation to the car or other places of use, we also offer our tire storage systems as tire carts. Equipped with four swivel castors, our mobile tire racks offer maximum flexibility and are easy on the back.

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