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Mobile racks & tables

Product description

Mobile racks & tables

Bay loads up to 500kg
  • Shelf/table height 89 - 254cm

  • Shelf depths available in 40cm, 50cm, 60cm, 80cm, 100cm or 120cm
  • Cross beams are the load carriers of a storage rack. Individually height adjustable in 5cm increments. Available in 110cm and 220cm

  • Various supports, extensive accessories
  • BGR 234 tested
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best price
  • All parts included


Mobile tire racks & tire carts

Mobile storage racks & work tables

Mobile sloping floor racks & sloping floor tables

Freely configurable mobile shelving & trolleys

Overview uprights - mobile shelving & tables

Painted uprights - heights

  • variable heights
  • Bay load: 500kg
  • Complete upright incl. bracing, mounting hardware and height adjustable feet and casters

(see exploded view of assembly stand)



Field, shelf and point load

Bay load max. 500kg

  • Total load capacity between 2 rack uprights

Shelf load max. 500kg per level

  • Total load capacity per truss level or per shelf

Assembly uprights

Axial dimensions

  • The axis dimension describes the width of a shelf bay as well as the distance between two uprights

  • We offer axle dimensions in widths of 110cm and 220cm

  • Configure your mobile shelf or mobile table individually with your desired bay lengths.

Assembly crossbars & shelves

Technical Information

Securing the trusses

Required parts: Pre-assembled shelf upright, truss, securing pin.

Set up the pre-assembled uprights and hook the crossbars into the upright profile on both sides at the desired height. Insert locking pins into the hole provided in the crossbar.

The crossbars are hung in a grid of 50mm.

Please note: Mount the last truss at least 50cm before the end of the upright!

Safety pin for trusses

Supports for mobile shelves & tables

(Optional for the tire rack)

Individual levels can also be equipped with a shelf to store useful items such as tools for mounting, rim cleaner, grease, wheel nuts, etc. In this way, mobile shelves or mobile tables/trolleys can be adapted to individual needs.

Wooden floor

Ideally suited for storage of dry products, such as cardboard boxes or storage boxes.

Steel floor

Optimal for storage of liquids, e.g. varnishes or oils, as washable


Optimal for storage of hazardous materials or liquids

Multiplex board

Optimally suitable as worktop, as very hard-wearing. The surface is sealed with linseed oil varnish and therefore washable at any time.

Assembly Supports

Assembly Height adjustable base & castor

Required parts: Stand profile, Height adjustable foot, Movable foot with brake, Screws M8x20, Washers, Nuts M8

The castor is attached to the height-adjustable foot section from below using 4 M8x20 screws, M8 nuts and washers.

The stand profiles are slid over the foot part and fastened at the desired height with 3 M8x20 screws and washers each. (adjustable in 5cm increments)

Please note: The roller can be (dis)mounted variably, depending on the requirements. Thus, the table or shelf can also be converted to a stationary or mobile version afterwards.

Rear & side walls

Back and side walls can be mounted between the upright profiles as push-through protection, have a hole spacing of approx. 2.8cm and are therefore compatible with common applications.

Side walls available in depths 60cm + 80cm Back walls available in widths 110cm + 220cm

Shelf with side panel and tool holders

Shelf with back wall and tool holders

Tool holder sets

Our tool and machine holder sets are designed for use with our in-house perforated walls and are ideal for storing all types of tools. The sets include various tool holders in different lengths and designs. The individual elements can be attached to the perforated walls using a simple plug-in system without the need for mounting materials.

Mobile lockers & cabinets

Our metal lockers & cabinets are compatible with the storage rack's step crossbars due to their special design.

Thus, the lockers can simply be placed on top without further assembly and fix themselves.

This allows the application as a mobile cabinet and locker variant

The high-quality, two-tone metal cabinets can withstand even the toughest everyday workshop conditions.

Fascia panels for shelf uprights

The table uprights are finished off at the top with two specially made trims to ensure that they are largely flush and to improve both appearance and handling.

The fascia is clipped on and is therefore easy to place.

Tool cabinets

Our tool cabinets are ideal for use in combination with our storage shelves, mobile shelves and multifunctional workbenches with a depth of 60cm + 80cm.

Due to their special design, they can easily be placed on the crossbeam levels and fix themselves there by themselves.

Operational safety / regulation - DIN EN 15635, DGUV 108-007

Collision protection for racking systems

Collision protection to prevent possible damage to the rack upright.

Corner areas must be equipped with a collision protection according to DIN EN 15365 & DGUV 108-007 for forklift traffic.

Our collision protection is tested and certified according to DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR234).

Each collision protection is delivered including four bolt anchors M12x100mm for floor fixing.

Application examples

Accessories - suitable for mobile shelves & tables

Lockers & Cupboards

Direct > to the cabinets & lockers

collision protection

Direct > to the bumpers for racks

Hole & side panel

Different versions > to the hole & side panels

Round traverse

Direct > to the round crossbars

Magnetic tape

Different widths available > to the Magnetic Tapes

Height compensation plates

Direct > to the underlay/balancing plates

Open fronted storage bins

Different dimensions available > to the storage boxes


Direct > to the spacer

Mobile racks and mobile tables for flexible applications

All mobile shelves, or rolling shelves, shown here in the subcategories are variants put together by us as complete shelves, which in our experience meet the greatest demand of our customers. We have a rolling solution for almost every customer requirement for a flexibly usable shelf. All models are equipped with swivel castors including brake function to ensure maximum freedom of movement and safety. Once the castors are removed, the mobile shelf becomes a stationary heavy-duty shelf in a matter of seconds.

The storage rack forms the basis for the countless variations for the mobile racks and mobile tables shown here. With just a few clicks, a tire cart turns into a mobile storage rack, thanks to a wooden support. If you add a round crossbar at the front and hang the support just a few grids higher, you get a mobile sloping shelf in no time. If this is smaller than 1.30m, it can be used as a mobile work table or mobile workbench. A matching perforated wall for tool holders, tool cabinets and other accessories leave nothing to be desired in terms of flexible everyday helpers.

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