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Here you will find our future top sellers. No matter whether cleaning equipment, operating technology or any other division, if you are interested in what is in planning with us, you will find it here. All articles will of course be available later in the usual TOPREGAL quality and at the usual conditions. If you are interested in advance, you are welcome to ask for further information about the products.

Hydraulic jack for trucks WH50, 50t traction weight

The new hydraulic truck jack WH50 from TecMaschin effortlessly lifts vehicles such as cars, vans and trucks. The WH50 is powered by an air compressor, which should reach an air pressure of at least 8 bar. This is connected to the 9 mm wide air inlet. After 1.7 litres of hydraulic oil have been filled in, the jack can simply be placed under the pick-up point of your vehicle and raised to a total height of up to 420 mm by means of a lever. The control lever is located at a comfortable height of 1200 mm. This eliminates the need for awkward bending during transport and use of the hydraulic jack. The lifting cylinder is fully extended within 11 seconds. In order to reach pick-up points that are far below the vehicle, the tiller can be positioned almost horizontally. The compact dimensions of 285 x 540 x 1200 mm and the low weight of 59 kg enable uncomplicated transport.

Price: 499,90 €
Expected availability from: November 2021 Need more information?
Electric rebar tying tool, rebar connector BV34

Create a fast and secure connection with one wire. This is possible with the BV34 rebar connector from TecMaschin. This marvel of technology has been specially developed to connect steel reinforcements, bars and other building materials. To do this, the bars are inserted into the front 34 mm eyelet of the electric wire tying device and, at the touch of a button, the BV34 wraps an 8 mm thick wire around the joint. This is twisted in no time and with little effort, so that the connection can no longer be undone. The low weight of 1.32 kg and the ergonomic handle ensure that you can work for a long time at a stretch. The compact Li-Ion battery, just like the wire reel, can be replaced in a few simple steps. The latter can be charged independently of the wire binder, so you can continue working while one of the two batteries is charging. The BV34 is designed to be extremely durable, thanks to the shock-resistant housing material and the brushless electric motor.

Price: 399,90 €
Expected availability from: December 2021 Need more information?
Large conference table ELLA480 / ELLA480i

With space for 16 - 18 people and a beautiful wooden tabletop with maple look, our new large conference table ELLA480 or ELLA480i impresses. The design of the table combines simple elegance with practicality thanks to the neutral surface, the grey feet and the bevelled ship shape. The particularly large design (4800 x 1500 x 750 mm) means that the table does not look lost even in large meeting rooms. The three socket boxes allow you to charge various electrical devices, such as a laptop, smartphone or even plug in a beamer. If you like charging your smartphone even more conveniently, the large ELLA480i conference table with integrated induction charging stations is the right choice for you. All mobile devices that guarantee induction charging can be charged here. The 1.5 m long power cable with EU plug supplies the table with 230 V / 50 Hz power.

Price: 1.499,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
Cordless nail gun AT18/2 for nails and staples

With the powerful AT18/2 cordless nail gun from TecMaschin you can easily staple on all common surfaces. The 2in1 device can be used as a tacker and nailer and can attach up to 20 nails / staples per minute. The AT18/2 is cordless, so you can use it anywhere without any problems and staple up to 1700 nails with one battery charge. The tacker has been ergonomically designed and guarantees comfortable operation in a handy design. The magazine offers space for up to 100 staples with a maximum length of 22 mm or 100 nails with a length of up to 32 mm. The smooth-running knurled screw also allows you to variably adjust the impact strength to suit any surface.

The AT18/2 has a contact safety switch, which protects against misuse of the device and unintentional firing. Only when the tacker head is pressed against an object can tacker be used by pressing the trigger. To enable precise placement of nails and staples, the AT18/2 has an LED diode that illuminates the work area.

Price: 139,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
Industrial lifting magnets, magnetic lifters LHM6 / LHM10

We take your storage to a new level with our new lifting magnets from SolidHub. These handy helpers can easily lift magnetic objects with a smooth, clean surface. To do this, the lifting magnet is placed on the surface and the lever is turned until it locks into the lifting position. In this way, heavy weights of up to 600 kg or 1000 kg can be transported from A to B without any effort. With the help of the shackle on the top, slings or load hooks can be easily attached to the magnetic lifter. If the load is particularly bulky or too heavy for one magnet, such objects can also be lifted easily with several magnetic lifters. The low weight (20 or 30 kg) and the compact dimensions (210 x 350 x 220 or 230 x 410 x 260 mm) enable good handling, even for heavy applications. Ensure ergonomic transport in your logistics with our practical lifting magnets.

Price: 469,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
Hydraulic engine hoist with spread chassis MHK2000

Flexibly lift loads up to 2000 kg. This is made possible by our new hydraulic motor crane MHK2000 from SolidHub. With a total weight of just 69 kg and a foldable chassis, the crane is not only easy to store, but also easy to transport. This is also due to the 6 swivel castors on which the spread chassis is mounted. Fully extended, the workshop crane has a lifting height of 180 cm. It still takes up a minimum of space. The compact dimensions (920 x 1560 x 2100 mm) make this practical product easy to handle. The mounted crane jib can be extended forward in 4 steps, between 104 and 154 cm. With the help of a hydraulic system, loads can be easily lifted on it. When lowered, it takes up a height of 151 cm and thus comes to a stroke of 59 cm. Lift goods up to 2T ergonomically with our elegant motor crane MHK2000 from SolidHub.

Price: 299,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
Electric winch SW1000

30m lifting height. Our new electric cable winch SW1000 from SolidHub achieves this. This compact cable winch, with the dimensions 280 x 310 x 225 mm can be easily attached to different surfaces. Thanks to its low weight of 40 kg and the 8 pre-drilled holes (15 x 30 mm), mounting is child's play. A load of up to 1000 kg can then be suspended from the robust crane hook and pulled up with the 30 m long and 6 mm thick carbon steel rope. The 2.2 kW electric motor provides 2800 rpm and thus a short pull-in time of 12 m/min. This can be connected to any standard 220 V / 50 Hz socket. To ensure special safety, the housing of the motor meets the requirements of protection class IP40. In addition, the powerful cable winch has a magnetic powder brake that reliably holds the load. Pull up loads with the electric cable winch SW1000 from SolidHub.

Price: 369,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
Electric pallet truck with drivers platform HWEF20

Fast, agile, safe. These are the characteristics that our new electric pallet truck HWEF20 with driver's platform combines. Thanks to the transport close to the ground on the two standard forks (1150 x 185 x 50 mm), the manoeuvrable high-speed truck can be steered easily and safely. This is also helped by the state-of-the-art EPS (electric power steering system), which ensures greater stability when driving and reduced speed when cornering. This agile steering method, in combination with the practical power steering, enables time-saving transport. With the short wheelbase of 1435 mm, a small turning radius of just 1720 mm is possible. The compact dimensions of the HWEF20 (2375 x 800 x 1275 mm) allow good manoeuvrability, even in narrow aisles. Additional safety is also provided by the side-mounted, fold-down brackets. Thanks to the powerful 2.2 kW lifting motor, pallets weighing up to 2000 kg can be lifted to a height of 200 mm. The high travel speed of 5.3 km/h allows short transport from place to place.

Price: 5.599,90 €
Expected availability from: January 2022 Need more information?
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