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Here you will find our future top sellers. No matter whether cleaning equipment, operating technology or any other division, if you are interested in what is in planning with us, you will find it here. All articles will of course be available later in the usual TOPREGAL quality and at the usual conditions. If you are interested in advance, you are welcome to ask for further information about the products.

Modular office container with 14.4m² of space

Standard was yesterday. With our modular office container, you can be confident that you are placing the right product on your construction site. The 4 side-mounted, 1 m wide wall panels can be flexibly exchanged. This way windows and doors are placed as you need them. With a room area of 14.4 m² (6 x 2.4 m), this construction site container offers enough space for a workshop, several workstations or a social room. Thanks to its modular design, you can assemble the container to fit your specific application requirements. With its height of 2365 mm, there is enough wall space available to hang up plans, for example. The container can be assembled quickly thanks to the simple plug-in and screw connections. Thanks to the water drainage and a roof load of 80 kg/m², it can easily withstand wind and weather. The modular construction container can also be stacked just as easily. The floor of the practical mobile room consists of a layer system of steel plates, insulating rock wool, a 16 mm thick fibre cement layer and a pleasant floor covering. Power sockets, as well as skylights are already integrated.

Price: 6.999,90 €
Expected availability from: August 2021 Need more information?
Cordless nail gun AT18/2 for nails and staples

With the powerful AT18/2 cordless nail gun from TecMaschin you can easily staple on all common surfaces. The 2in1 device can be used as a tacker and nailer and can attach up to 20 nails / staples per minute. The AT18/2 is cordless, so you can use it anywhere without any problems and staple up to 1700 nails with one battery charge. The tacker has been ergonomically designed and guarantees comfortable operation in a handy design. The magazine offers space for up to 100 staples with a maximum length of 22 mm or 100 nails with a length of up to 32 mm. The smooth-running knurled screw also allows you to variably adjust the impact strength to suit any surface.

The AT18/2 has a contact safety switch, which protects against misuse of the device and unintentional firing. Only when the tacker head is pressed against an object can tacker be used by pressing the trigger. To enable precise placement of nails and staples, the AT18/2 has an LED diode that illuminates the work area.

Price: 139,90 €
Expected availability from: September 2021 Need more information?
Mobile gantry crane PK1000/2, max. load 1000kg, 2190mm lifting height

With the mobile gantry crane PK1000/2 from SolidHub you can easily lift long and heavy goods weighing up to 1000 kg. Thanks to the electric chain hoist, you can pick up goods and move them horizontally and vertically in seconds with a simple push of a button via a load hook. The lifting speed is 3.6 m/min. The four swivel castors enable you to transport the gantry crane to the desired location. The 4 parking brakes provide the necessary stability at the place of use. The PK1000/2 is therefore the ideal helper for repair work, in the workshop, for assembly and in warehouse technology. The maximum lifting height of the 1500 x 4000 x 3000 mm large trestle crane made of durable steel is 2190 mm. Note: A power socket (400 V) is required for connection.

Price: 3.499,90 €
Expected availability from: September 2021 Need more information?
LED outdoor flood light FL240, 6000K, 20000 lumen

With the FL240 LED floodlight from TecMaschin, your home will be radiantly bright in the future. This long-lasting LED spotlight distributes cold white light with 6000 Kelvin over a large area, which is very close to sunlight. So you can work well in the evening or at night outdoors. With 240 LED lamps, which are divided into 4 LED cells and a power of 200 W, the construction site spotlight produces a symmetrical light cone with a luminous flux of 20000 lumens. With the IP65 protection level, the LED spotlight is protected against both dust and heavy splashing water and can thus also be operated in the rain. In addition, the beaming device can withstand temperatures between -20 and +65 °C. This makes it suitable for use in a wide range of weather conditions. The integrated impact protection, class IK08, ensures that the floodlight also copes well with impacts. Thanks to the energy efficiency class A++ you consume little power during use. With the help of the 5 m long power cable, the spotlight can be placed almost anywhere.

Expected availability from: October 2021 Need more information?
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