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New products

Pressure washer HDR150, 150 bar peak pressure

The newest cleaning device among our Cleanolino products will be the HDR150 high-pressure cleaner, which convinces with a high peak pressure of 150 bar. This is possible due to the powerful 2000 W motor, which provides a water flow of 6 L/min. With this power, you can clean solid surfaces, such as concrete floors, glass panes, metal plates and tiles, as well as their joints with ease. The high pressure is generated by a robust aluminum pump, which is the heart of the HDR150. With its 5 m spray hose and 5 m power cord, which can be plugged into any standard 230 V outlet, the user has the ability to clean a large area without having to frequently search for a new power source. The sleek and attractive design of the pressure washer makes it easy to handle. This makes the HDR150 the perfect choice for removing stubborn dirt.

Expected availability from: March 2021
SU-H1219 Semi Automatic Steel Strapping Tool

Compact and powerful at the same time. This is the new SU-H1219 semi-automatic steel strapping tool. The practical tool, which firmly straps steel strapping without sealing sleeves, is compatible with strap widths between 12.7 and 19 mm and strap thicknesses from 0.38 to 0.6 mm and thus fits all common strap dimensions. The SU-H1219 tensions steel strapping with a maximum tension force of 15000 N, enabling secure and tight strapping of your consignment goods. After tensioning, the strap is punched with high pressure and thus fixed. Subsequently, excess steel strap is cut off so that you do not waste anything. This makes this device a sensible and sustainable investment for your warehouse logistics. With its small dimensions (400 x 100 x 330 mm), the device can always be carried along, even in a roll-off cart provided for this purpose. The matching strapping band, as well as a roll-off cart will also be available later in our store and also as a set.

Expected availability from: März 2021
Steel strapping, 16 x 0.5mm, 25kg, 5200N

Our new steel strapping sensibly expands our already large range of packaging materials. The tear-resistant strapping, which can withstand loads of up to 5200 N, weighs a total of 25 kg. This makes the roll easy to handle and easy to transport. The roll of steel strapping with a bandwidth of 16 mm and a thickness of 0.5 mm makes it possible to master particularly heavy packaging orders without any problems and to tie up the packaged goods securely. This ensures that your commissioned goods reach their destination safely and reliably. 400 m of strap ensure that the strap lasts a long time and that particularly large packages can be packed. It can be used with or without sealing sleeves and thus fits perfectly into your daily warehouse routine. This roll is later also available in a set, with matching packaging device and dispenser.

Expected availability from: März 2021
Fork extension for forklift truck, 183 cm

Extend the forks of your forklift in just a few simple steps. The closed fork extension with a load capacity of 3000 kg per pair has a fork length of 183 cm. Thus, the SolidHub fork extension is considered the perfect helper when temporarily transporting or lifting goods that are longer than the forks of the existing forklift. The extensions are suitable for a fork cross-section of up to 135 x 55 mm and are used to enlarge the useful fork area. They are mounted quickly, conveniently and safely in no time at all and are locked behind the back of the fork with socket pins. When using them, please note that fork extensions shift the load center of forklifts. View your equipment's load chart for more detailed information. In addition, the fork length must be at least 60% of the total extension for static reasons.

Expected availability from: March 2021
Ramp for forklift, 150 x 120 cm and 220 x 200 cm

For optimal loading, unloading and driving over thresholds, ramps for forklifts will be added to the SolidHub range in March. Two variants are available: a small ramp (150 x 120 x 15 cm) with a maximum load capacity of 5900 kg and a large ramp (220 x 200 x 8 cm), which is designed to carry loads of up to 6500 kg. Both loading ramps have variable ramp heights between 10 - 25 cm and are therefore suitable for versatile loading tasks with low height differences. The small ramp is easily transported by means of the safety chains attached to the loading ramp and the large version by means of the entry pockets for forklift forks (165 x 60 mm). Thus, the ramps are mobile and ready for use at any time. Due to the structure on the surface, they are non-slip even in wet and icy conditions.

Expected availability from: March 2021
Crane arm for forklift, 2500 and 4750 kg

You want to grasp and transport heavy loads from above, but you don't have a crane? With the telescopic loader from SolidHub you can turn your forklift into a mobile crane in no time and increase its reach at the same time. The crane arm will be available in two different versions:

  1. with a maximum load of 2500 kg, 185 x 65 mm fork openings and a weight of 91 kg.
  2. with a maximum load of 4750 kg, 170 x 59 mm openings and a weight of 129 kg.

Each SolidHub load crane can be extended in 4 positions. This allows you to precisely select the ideal crane arm length depending on your needs. Fully extended, the crane arm has a length of 1960 mm. The telescopic crane arm is secured by two screw clamps. 

Note that the use of the telescopic arm shifts the load center of your truck. For more detailed information, refer to the heavy load diagram and the load center of your equipment.

Expected availability from: March 2021