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Pallet racks

All our pallet racks are manufactured to the highest industrial quality and meet the legal requirements. We distinguish between 3 variants, depending on the maximum load per pallet:

500KgType PR4500
1.000kgType PR9000
1.500kgType PR15000

All small parts required for assembly and the load capacity labels required by law are included in the delivery volume. After delivery you can start to quickly assemble of your new pallet rack straight away. The PR9000 variant is also available as a galvanised version for outdoor use whatever the weather.

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Pallet racks

Pallet racks Top seller

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Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
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Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
plus 16% VAT
Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
plus 16% VAT
Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
plus 16% VAT
Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
plus 16% VAT
Delivery time 3 - 5 Working days
Shipping 149,- € once per cart
Product description

Type PR9000 pallet rack

Unit loads up to 9000kg
  • Height of rack 2m – 7.5m
  • Upright depth 110cm or 80cm
  • Load capacity of up to 1000kg per pallet
  • Levels individually height-adjustable in 5cm increments
  • Various shelves
  • Wide range of accessories
  • DIN EN 15512-approved
  • Easy to assemble
  • Best price
  • All parts included

The quality of our products

Voluntary inspection of our pallet racks

We also submit our products to external quality control on an annual basis.

The shelves are tested for load, rigidity and stability.

The load capacity information for our shelves is based on the DIN EN 15512 standard.

The maximum compartment and unit loads are listed on the load capacity labels included in the delivery volume for confirmation


Painted for indoor use

Click here for prices and product overview

Galvanised for outdoor use

Galvanised racks for outdoor installation

Overview of uprights for PR9000 pallet rack

Painted uprights


Galvanised uprights

A complete rack upright consists of cold-rolled, U-shape profiles with outwardly folded ends plus transverse and diagonal struts in the form of C-profiles.

(see exploded view of upright assembly)


Versions + dimensions

Unit, compartment and point load

Unit load capacity max. 9000KG

  • With an evenly distributed load between two rack uprights

Unit load max. 3000kg

  • With an evenly distributed load per beam level
  • Max. shelf load depends on beam length

Dimensions of the beam

Point load per foot plate
max. 4500kg

  • The forces acting on the floor in the form of point load

Upright assembly

Technical information

Ground anchoring foot plate

The rack is fixed to the floor using bolt anchors M12x100

  • To this end, corresponding holes are drilled with a suitable drill (12cm diameter).
  • The bolt anchor is pushed into the floor bracket .
  • Finally, the nut is fastened.
  • The rack is thus sufficiently and securely anchored.

Please note: The bolt anchors must be properly fastened.

Our in-house assembly crew are happy to provide professional assembly of your racks.

Click here for more information on our rack assembly.

Unit lengths

  • The unit length describes the width of a shelf unit as well as the distance between two pallet rack uprights.
  • Unit lengths are available in 180cm, 270cm and 360cm.
  • The axial dimensions can be freely combined with each other.
  • Customise your pallet rack with your desired unit lengths. Our racks can also be expanded at any time due to their modular design.

Beam assembly

Technical information

Beam assembly

Required parts:
Pre-assembled rack upright, beam, safety pin

  • The beams can be attached to the upright profile at the desired height.
  • The safety pin protects the beam from being accidentally lifted out.
  • The individual beam levels can be mounted at 5cm increments.

Safety pin for beams

Pallet rack with shelves

Wooden shelf

The wooden shelf consists of a chipboard board (38mm) and 4 metal Z-plates. The wooden shelf is placed on the beam and fixed and stabilised using centring plates.

Load capacity without the use of support bars: 1500kg


Support bar / depth support for pallet racks

Load capacity 600kg per support bar used.

Support bars are used, for example, to increase the load-bearing capacity of the shelves.

These are placed on top of the beams and fix themselves due to their design.

ATTENTION: If the load is on the beams, the total load capacity is that of both beams. Independent of the shelf.

Shelf made of galvanised mesh

Galvanised mesh shelf to be placed directly on the beam pairs.

Modules A 88cm wide
mesh size 9.9cm x 9.9cm

Load capacity 800kg per module

Perfect for storing hazardous substances or liquids

ATTENTION: If the load is on the beams, the total load capacity is that of both beams. Independent of the shelf


Self-locking system, due to the construction with bevelled fixing angle

* as this is the maximum unit load of the beams of this length.

Shelf made of steel

Steel shelf for placing directly on the beam pairs.

Modules A 88cm wide
load capacity 1000kg per module

Available in depths of 110cm and 80cm

Perfect for storing liquids, such as paints or oils, as it can be wiped clean.

ATTENTION: If the load is on the beams, the total load capacity is that of both beams. Independent of the shelf


Simple assembly due to the self-locking construction.

* as this is the maximum unit load of the beams of this length.

Double rack rows

For space-saving installation of your pallet rack system, it is recommended to install two racks in parallel one behind the other.

In this case it is sensible to connect the racks with spacers in order to align them properly and to ensure additional stability.

In order to prevent the rear pallet from being pushed out during loading, we recommend the installation of push-through protection on one side of the double rack row.

Push-through protection

Push-through protection prevents unintentional movement or falling of the pallets to the rear.

Screw-on metal plates as well as screws for fastening to the shelving system are included in the price and can be supplied compatible with all common pallet rack systems.

Push-through protection is part of the safety & protection equipment for pallet racks. These are attached to the sides of the racks that are not intended for loading and unloading. They are a legal requirement for public traffic behind the rack or parallel racks.

Operational safety / regulation – DIN EN 15635, DGUV 108-007

Collision protection for shelving systems

Collision protection for avoiding possible damage to the rack upright.

Corner areas with forklift traffic must be equipped with collision protection in accordance with DIN EN 15365 & DGUV 108-007.

Our collision protection is tested and certified according to the specifications of DGUV 108-007 (formerly BGR234).

Each collision protector is supplied with four bolt anchors M12x100mm for securing to the floor.

Examples of use

Accessories – suitable for PR9000


Different widths available > shelves

Support bars

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Drum shelves

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Collision protection

Go to> safety & protection equipment

Crash protection rails

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Push-through protection

Go to > push-through protection

Mesh back panel

Different widths available > mesh back panels


Go to > spacers

Magnetic tapes

Different widths available > magnetic tapes

Load distributors

Go to > load distributors

Height adjustment plates

Go to > shims

Pallet rack storage technology from TOPREGAL

We exclusively sell new pallet racks tested according to DIN EN 15512, which meet all legal requirements.  The pallet rack consists of uprights (incl. struts, foot plates) and beams on which the stored goods are placed. The beams, powder-coated in pure orange RAL 2004, are easily attached to the pallet rack uprights and secured with safety pins. The beams can be attached at individual heights in increments of 80mm. The load capacity per Euro pallet is 1000kg – this corresponds to a shelf load of 3000kg (load capacity per level). In our standard range we offer pallet racks with 180cm (for 2 Euro pallets), 270cm (for 3 Euro pallets) and 360cm (for 4 Euro pallets) beams. Other unit lengths are available on request.

The pallet rack uprights, powder-coated in signal blue RAL 5005, consist of a front and rear upright profile, which are screwed together by the screwed-in cross and diagonal struts, as well as 2 galvanised foot plates, which are fixed to the floors using bolt anchors. The standard depth of the pallet rack uprights is 110cm. This depth is used for the longitudinal storage of Euro pallets. However, we also offer a depth of 80cm for our pallet racks, to store disposable pallets or other goods, for example. The unit load capacity (load capacity between 2 uprights) is 9000kg. Our standard range includes heights from 200cm – 550cm. On request, we also offer pallet racks up to a height of 7.5m, which can also be supplied with higher unit load capacity on request.

Our complete units feature pallet racks with galvanised mesh or chipboard shelves which can be selected in the configurator. In the pallet rack individual parts category it is also possible to order individual galvanised mesh shelves,wooden shelves or steel shelves to customise your rack. The load capacity labels required by law are always included in the price and delivery volume. Any assembly material required for proper assembly such as bolt anchors for floor mounting,safety pins for securing the beams screws, nuts, washers etc. are also included in the price.

All pallet rack complete units are in stock and will usually be delivered to you within 1–3 working days after receipt of your order.
Our central warehouse guarantees speedy shipping. Click pallet rack accessories to view our extensive range of safety and protection equipment. This flexible type of rack can be expanded with individual shelf components and adapted to your requirements at any time.

If you need different load capacities or dimensions please contact us! more