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Why is only one LED light of the charging bar illuminated at my HE1200/3?

The HE1200/3 displays only one charge bar even at maximum battery charge. As the charge decreases, this bar moves to the left. The last two turn red. As soon as this range is reached, the device should be charged to avoid deep discharge.

Does SolidHub offer devices with initial stroke or free stroke?

At this time, SolidHub does not offer equipment with initial lift - a feature that raises the truck's wheel arms to provide additional ground clearance during load pickup and transport. However, we do have models in our line that have free lift. This feature allows the forks or load to be lifted without changing the overall height of the lift mast. An example of this is our HEF16/5 product.

Does the forklift have a side lift?

Yes, the GSE15/5, GSE25/5 and GSE35/5 models all have electric side lift, which can be controlled from the operator's cab.

What is meant by a side lift on forklifts and what is its benefit?

A side lift enables the forks of a forklift truck to be moved parallel to the operator's cab. This function facilitates precise alignment of the forks on pallets, especially in tight spaces or when the pallet is directly against a wall. This allows the forks to be easily moved to the left or right without moving the entire forklift. Most SolidHub forklift models are equipped with this useful feature as standard.

Does the forklift have a fork adjustment?

Yes, each of the SolidHub forklifts has a fork adjustment. This can be done manually.

What are the advantages of lithium-ion technology over other battery types?

Lithium-ion batteries offer many advantages compared to other rechargeable batteries: The charging efficiency is higher and the battery can withstand a higher number of charging cycles. Thus, it has a longer product life compared to lead-acid batteries. In addition, this technology has a high energy density and thus a higher efficiency in use. Deep discharges are also survived with less damage, which further increases the robustness and reliability of electronic devices.

Which battery technology is ideal for industrial transport equipment?

Although lead-acid batteries and lead-gel batteries are widely used in electromobility and transport equipment, lithium-ion technology offers numerous advantages. It is characterized by shorter charging times, higher energy density and freedom from maintenance. In addition, a lithium-ion battery is more resistant to deep discharge, which can be particularly crucial in outdoor applications.

For which forklifts are the fork extensions suitable?

The 60 % rule applies to fork extensions. This means that at least 60% of the fork extension must rest on the actual forks of the forklift truck. Before purchasing, check whether the forks of your forklift truck have the corresponding dimensions.

What is the difference between open and closed fork extensions?

The term "open" or "closed" describes the nature of the underside of a fork extension. In the case of open fork extensions, there is no metal under the fork and therefore they do not enclose the forks of the forklift. This can cause the extensions to lever upward if care is not taken. Closed fork extensions are therefore safer by reducing the potential for accidents.

How are the fork extensions secured?

The fork extensions are secured with a pin, which is fixed behind the forks by a split pin. This prevents the forks from slipping down.

Does the tipping skip return to the starting position by itself?

No. The tipping skip must be tipped back manually after successful emptying until the lever secures the container again.

Is the dump truck automatically emptied when the lever is operated?

No, operating the lever on the dump truck only activates the tipping mechanism. The actual tilting movement of the bin must be performed manually.

What is the maximum lifting capacity of the MBE800 mini-excavator?

The MBE800 mini excavator from SolidHub can lift a maximum weight of 300 kg.

Where can I find spare parts for my reciprocators?

In the category Transport & Lifting Equipment Spare Parts you will find individual parts and spare parts for your lifting equipment.

Where do the devices come from and who is the manufacturer?

The equipment comes from a global component purchase and is manufactured by TOPREGAL.