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Pallet racks and accessories

What is the difference between PR4500, PR9000 & PR15000?

Our 3 pallet rack models PR4500, PR9000 & PR15000 differ mainly in the load capacity for light, medium & heavy loads. Here the material thickness and dimensions of e.g. the upright profile, cross beams and foot plates differ. The construction of the three models is identical and our accessories are compatible with each other.

The model designation refers to the maximum field load of the individual systems:

  • Pallet rack PR4500 - Bay load (max.): 4500 kg / Shelf load (max.): 1500 kg
  • Pallet rack PR9000 - Bay load (max.): 9000 kg / Shelf load (max.): 3000 kg
  • Pallet rack PR15000 - Bay load (max.): 15000 kg / Shelf load (max.): 4500 kg

This corresponds to a maximum load per pallet of 500 / 1000 / 1500 kg.

How are the shelf supports mounted?

The individual shelf upright profiles are assembled with the correct number of cross and diagonal braces, foot plates and the appropriate assembly material.

You can find a detailed description of a shelf upright assembly in our assembly instructions.

Here you will find our overview of the individual parts.

What is the steel thickness?

The steel thickness of our pallet racks PR4500 and PR9000 is

Steel S-355 JR (CRD - Coldrolled steel) 80 mm W x 70 mm D x 1.5 mm material thickness.

The steel thickness of our pallet rack PR15000 is

Steel S-355 JR (CRD - cold rolled steel), 100 mm W x 7 0 mm D x 2 mm material thickness.

The desired shelf dimensions cannot be found. Do I also receive shelves in individual sizes?

Of course we also offer shelves in individually adapted dimensions.
Please send us an inquiry by e-mail to info@topregal.com, by fax or call our customer hotline +49 7158 91 81 500.

You can find our contact form here.

Do I get the shelf stands in other heights?

We offer you the common heights from 200 cm to 750 cm in 50 cm steps. For individual heights, the shelf supports are cut to size on request or manufactured individually according to your requirements.

Does my shelf need to be fixed in the floor or in the wall?

Fixing our racks to the wall is not permitted.

Pallet racks must be anchored to the floor in accordance with DGUV 108-007, DIN EN 15512 & DIN EN 15635.

Storage racks must be fixed to the floor from a depth/height ratio greater than 5:1. Below this no anchoring is required.

Our spacers are used exclusively for the parallel positioning of our shelves.

What is the steel thickness of the trusses?

The steel thickness of the cross beams for pallet racks is 1.5 mm.

What is the field load and what is the shelf load?

The bay load (C) is the total load-bearing capacity of a shelf bay / the load between two shelf uprights. Your own weight does not count here.
The maximum weight that rests on the individual shelf / rack is called the shelf load (B). The sum of the shelf loads must not exceed the bay load.
Point load (A) are the forces acting on the floor in a point-like manner, also known as individual load.

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Can I arrange the individual shelves of the pallet racks freely in height?

The individual levels can be hung or attached individually as desired in a grid spacing of 5 cm.