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Storage racks and accessories

At what depths are the storage racks available?

We offer you our storage rack in the depths 40 cm, 50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm, 100 cm and in 120 cm.

Here you will find an overview of the shelf stands in the different heights and depths: Storage rack individual parts & accessories

Can I arrange the shelves of the storage racks freely in height?

The individual levels can be hung or attached individually as required at a grid spacing of 5 cm in height.

The number of levels depends on the height / weight of your stored goods. A prerequisite is always the even distribution of the loads (shelf load: max. 500 kg, bay load 2000 kg - storage rack)

Is it necessary to fix my shelves in the floor or on the wall?

Our racks must not be fixed to the wall. According to the standards DGUV 108-007, DIN EN 15512 and DIN EN 15635, floor anchoring of pallet racks is mandatory. For storage racks, floor anchoring is required if the depth/height ratio is greater than 5:1. If the ratio is less than this, no fastening is required. Please note: Our spacers are exclusively intended for parallel positioning of our racks.

What is the field load and what is the shelf load?

The maximum weight that a rack can carry in total is called the bay load (C). However, the rack's own weight does not count towards this (the storage rack has a bay load of 2000 kg).

The maximum weight that can be carried by a single shelf is called the shelf load (B) (the storage rack has a maximum shelf load of 500 kg).

The sum of the shelf loads (B), however, must not exceed the bay load (C). A prerequisite (for the weight specifications) is basically the even distribution of the loads. Point loads (A) are the forces acting on the floor at one point, also known as concentrated loads.

The figure shows point load (A), shelf load (B) and bay load (C) using the example of a storage rack.

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Selbstverständlich bieten wir Ihnen auch Regale in individuell angepassten Maßen an.
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