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Cantilever racks and accessories

Is it possible to combine different cantilevers?

Combining cantilevers of different models, such as between KR3000 and KR6000, is technically not feasible. However, a mixture of different arm lengths, for example 50 cm and 100 cm, is certainly feasible. The important thing here is that the cantilever arms do not protrude beyond the cantilever feet. A combination of 50 cm and 100 cm cantilever arms would require a shelf upright with a depth of 100 cm.

In which designs are cantilever fields available?

Depending on the type of cantilever racking, our cantilever bays are available in painted and hot-dip galvanized versions (both versions for the KR3000/KR6000).

How are the cantilever fields fixed?

The individual cross and diagonal braces are mounted to the bracket of the shelf uprights with the corresponding hexagon bolts, hexagon nuts and washers.

How are the struts in the fields divided?

Depending on the height of your shelves, the number of struts (cross and diagonal struts) varies.

You will find the appropriate number of braces in the article description and in the assembly instructions.

What does axial dimension mean?

The axial dimension is the internal dimension between two shelf uprights. Depending on the cantilever type, we offer these fields in 120 cm (KR2500) and in 100 cm / 150 cm (KR3000 / KR6000).

Why is a rubber strip for cantilever racks important and how is it attached?

A rubber strip on cantilever racks is primarily used to protect your stored goods and the cantilevers from potential damage. No additional assembly is required to attach them. The rubber strips are simply glued directly to the desired cantilever arm. For our models KR3000 and KR6000 we offer special matching rubber strips.

How do bay sizes vary by cantilever rack type?

Available bay sizes vary depending on the specific cantilever rack model:

  • KR2500: Provides bays 120 cm wide, bracing included.
  • KR3000: Offers bays in 100 cm and 150 cm sizes, both including bracing. These are also available in a hot-dip galvanized version.
  • KR6000: This model also offers 100 cm and 150 cm bays with bracing and is available in a hot-dip galvanized version.
Which screws are used for cantilever racking assembly?

The scope of delivery includes the appropriate number of screws for cantilever racking assembly. The following screws are used for a cantilever racking system:

Bolt anchor, hexagonal bolts / nuts, washer, compensation wedge etc.

Is it possible to adjust the height of the cantilevers?

With certain models of our cantilever racks you can flexibly adjust the height of the cantilever arms. The KR3000 and KR6000 models offer the possibility to adjust the cantilever arms individually in 5 cm steps. In contrast, the arms of the KR2500 system are permanently welded and do not allow any height adjustment.

For which stored goods are cantilever racks suitable?

Cantilever racking is ideal for the storage of long goods, e.g. wooden beams, steel profiles, pipes and much more. You can additionally equip the cantilever racking with wooden or grating floors, so that the storage of other stored goods is also possible.

Does my shelf have to be fixed in the floor?

Cantilever racking is always fixed by anchoring it to the ground.

The desired shelf dimensions cannot be found. Do I also receive shelves in individual sizes?

Of course we also offer shelves in individually adapted dimensions.
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