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The innovation in the mobility turnaround

With an innovation, TOPREGAL GmbH is now driving forward the mobility revolution in terms of charging processes for e-vehicles. The completely self-sufficient charging solar carport of the newcomer brand SoloPort does not require an additional grid connection. Users thus have the opportunity to break away from energy suppliers and nuclear and fossil fuels when charging their car, van or e-bike and actually rely entirely on green electricity. On an annual average, the yield of the carport generated by solar energy is sufficient for a range of 24,000 km for a compact car, 17,000 km for a mid-size car and 12,000 km for a van. A total of 12 modules of 420 watts each provide a maximum rated output of 5.04 kWp. Conversion and storage are handled by an off-grid hybrid inverter with 10 kW and a DC storage unit with 48 volts in the form of 12 lead-gel batteries of 12 volts/280 Ah each. This battery storage unit, which is contained in the control cabinet, is the heart of the carport. Thanks to a capacity of 40 kWh, it holds enough energy to charge vehicles easily overnight. In order to fill the time gaps of parked vehicles with efficient charging speed and thus the best possible energy supply, the wallbox operates with a maximum charging power of 7 kW.

Until now, the installation of a solar carport required an additional connection to the local grid operator and a corresponding permit for connection and wallbox. However, due to insufficient supplies, these permits were simply not granted in many regions in the past. "With the development of the SoloPort solar carport, we are now closing this gap," explains Jürgen Effner, Managing Director of TOPREGAL GmbH, and explains, "And this is pioneeringly important in two respects: on the one hand, because the upswing in electromobility will result in a rapidly increasing demand for energy in the coming years. And second, because the resulting question had to be answered: how can this additional demand come from purely green energy, so that the good vision of reducing emissions and exploiting natural resources doesn't turn into a problem shift through more intensive use of nuclear and fossil energy?"

Over a period of several months, a team of engineers, electrical engineering specialists, solar specialists and experts in the field of product development realized an inherently functional system, behind which TOPREGAL as the manufacturer stands as an experienced expert with know-how and market stability for innovative application-oriented solutions. This is also evident in the pre-assembly: The complete carport is pre-equipped with weather-protected electrical cabinet in the factory halls, wired and prepared ready for installation. The construction of the solar carport made of lightweight aluminum corresponds to that of a standard carport. Thanks to the innovative technology and its self-sufficient power generation, there is no need for approval by the Federal Network Agency and users charge only green electricity. Building authority approvals vary depending on the federal state and must be clarified and complied with in advance. In addition to the vehicle charging station, the carport offers other functional gadgets: Two Schuko sockets provide energy for additional battery-powered devices, and the LED light with motion detector ensures optimal illumination even in the dark.

Performance data:

  • PV power 5.0 kW (12 modules à 420 Wp)
  • DC storage 48 volts and 40 kWh storage capacity (12 lead-gel batteries à 12 volts/280 Ah)
  • Wallbox (7.0 kW charging capacity max.)
  • Off-grid hybrid inverter (10 kW)
  • 2x 230 volt sockets

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