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This is how a winter-proof workplace operates.

Wet paths, icy steps and poor visibility pose challenges for companies during the cold season: They often cause tripping and slipping accidents in parking lots, walkways, entrance areas or warehouses. Not only hospitals, nursing homes, schools and supermarkets are faced with this problem, but also production, logistics and workshop companies are obliged to ensure safe outdoor areas and cleanliness in warehouse or office areas in order to minimise the risk of injury to employees, customers and patients and to comply with hygiene standards. Jürgen Effner, Managing Director of TOPREGAL GmbH, presents practical cleaning machines for indoor and outdoor use that ensure a high level of cleanliness in a time-saving and efficient manner.

Caution, danger of slipping!

Cleaning huge company premises or parking lots of dirt, ice, snow or company waste, such as wood chips, is particularly time-consuming. "Regular sweeping reduces exposure to dust for employees. The cordless AKM80 ride-on sweeper is ideal for large outdoor areas or spacious areas in warehouses and logistics halls," reports Effner. "With its high cleaning performance of 8,400 square meters per hour, long battery life and high operating speed, even huge areas can be kept accessible and passable at all times, as the bright front lighting means that sweeping is even possible in the dark." When it comes to clearing snow, companies do not need a complete snow clearing vehicle. "The cost of such a machine can quickly amount to several thousand euros. The often low number of jobs per year is not always in proportion," says Effner. With the snow shovel for forklift trucks from SolidHub, companies can convert their forklift truck into a snow clearing vehicle in just a few simple steps for just under 500 euros. The attachment weighs just 70 kg, has a width of 1.5 meters and can be adjusted to 5 different angles thanks to its suspension. The rubber strip on the underside of the scraper ensures clearing without residue. The snow scraper is designed for forklift trucks with a traction weight of 2 metric tons.

Equipped for any eventuality

In entrance areas of schools and care homes, but also in production, logistics or storage halls, the high frequency of employees, customers, patients and industrial trucks moving from outside to inside areas can lead to increased levels of dirt. Especially in rain and snow, wet, slippery surfaces can form, increasing the risk of injury. There are also fixed hygiene standards in hospitals, food markets and canteens, for example, which is why wet or dirty entrance areas and corridors have to be cleaned several times a day. "With the NTS80 wet and dry vacuum cleaner, even areas with dirt-trapping mats or carpets can be kept clean," reports Effner. "The low weight of 32 kilograms and the four rollers mean it can be used practically anywhere to remove dirt such as slush, sand, debris and even broken glass without leaving any residue." The simultaneous drying of the relevant areas also reduces the risk of slipping due to damp floor surfaces, and is therefore particularly suitable for high-traffic areas such as entrances or corridors. The large dirty water tank with a volume of 80 litres also ensures long use without emptying, even when cleaning large areas.

Right into the last corner

Indoors, the challenge is not only to keep huge areas clean, but also to clean around the equipment. Nevertheless, regular cleaning is essential even in logistics halls between the rows of shelves: leaves, slush and grit not only increase the risk of slipping for employees and endanger the transportation of goods, but the goods themselves can also be damaged by the moisture. "This is where scrubber dryers come in handy. The compact design makes our machines very manoeuvrable, so that even the furthest corner and narrowest row of shelves can be cleaned quickly," reports Effner. "The SWM50E model is cordless and quiet, making it particularly suitable for cleaning in sensitive environments such as hospitals, office corridors and supermarkets with customer contact." It collects dirty water in large dirty water containers, which enables damp and hygienic floor cleaning, and even loosens caked-on dust and dirt with its rotating cleaning brushes. Effner recommends: "With a repertoire of different devices, companies are equipped for all eventualities in the wet and cold season, both indoors and on the company premises. The ease of use of our wipeket cleaning machines allows every employee to operate the equipment independently after a short briefing, so that companies are not necessarily dependent on external cleaning service providers."