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Well thought-out warehouse logistics are essential for companies. Not only large producers and retailers are affected by this necessity, but also service providers such as craft businesses, IT system houses or catering businesses. They and many other companies depend on the smooth provision of individual products, components or small parts. "Especially when companies are still developing rapidly or have to adapt their services quickly to changing customer requirements, they are constantly faced with the challenge of organizing their warehouse efficiently," says Jürgen Effner, Managing Director of TOPREGAL GmbH. He gives tips on how companies can set up the right warehouse logistics system for their needs.

The all-rounder: Shelving racks

"Start-ups in particular usually start small and often have to find their feet first," explains Effner. Small demands and batches at the beginning often require universal storage options. "This is where shelving racks are a good start. With a compartment load capacity of 200 kg, our FB200 with wooden rack layers is very versatile and, with a steel rack layer, even suitable for liquids or damp rooms, such as open workshops," says Effner. The advantage of shelving racks is their versatility. In addition to goods or picked cartons, these racks are also very suitable in terms of design and dimensions for storing files, office supplies or other office utensils. "For businesses that store a lot of small parts and need to access them quickly, such as workshops and businesses with assembly or installation work, kanban racking with pick bins is perfect," explains Effner. The advantage here: All stored materials are directly visible and can be removed from the boxes or cartons without having to pull them out. "Particularly for companies whose customers sometimes need help quickly, I advise using this type of racking in the warehouse, as a lot of time can be saved here if access takes place without searching or rummaging around."

Large dimensions: Pallet, storage or long span racking

If the stored goods are bulkier, the batches are larger or the portfolio is broader, more storage space and more resilient racking is required. This is where long span or pallet racking comes into play. Long span racking is the niche between shelving and pallet racking. With a height of up to 4 meters and a bay load of up to 2 tons, it is possible to achieve shelf widths of 2.2 meters without intermediate uprights - and even up to 3.6 meters for pallet racking. For the storage of smaller goods, the racks can be narrowed accordingly. In addition to wooden and steel rack layers, TOPREGAL also offers hot-dip galvanized mesh for liquids or hazardous goods. "This option is particularly suitable for companies that need to store a wide variety of goods," explains Effner. Pallet racks are, as the name suggests, optimized for picked pallets. "Our PR15000 carries 1.5 tons per pallet and can even be used completely outdoors as the hot-dip galvanized PR9000 version. Shelf loads from 1,000 to 4,500 kilos and bay loads up to a maximum of 15 tons are available." Pallet racks and storage racks can be easily assembled online according to requirements and needs using the configurator.

The individualists: Cantilever, vertical, tyre and barrel racking

Companies store goods very individually with cantilever, vertical, tyre or barrel racking. "Removal in particular is easier for employees here. Pipes or rods, such as those required daily by trade, HVAC, construction or electrical companies, can be reached and accessed quickly when a customer order is received," explains Effner, who knows the pitfalls and time wasters very well from his own warehouses.

The optimum - individually configured

Companies store particularly flexibly when they rely on modular systems. Be it an extension of shelving racks with different partitions or a change in shelf heights. It is also possible to add further racks to existing pallet racking. For example, barrel racks or racks for pallet cages can be easily added. The integration of workbenches or packing tables is also possible. Thanks to its modular design, TOPREGAL's range of industrial racking and the option of combining and selecting components via the online configurator offers individual solutions for warehouse goods, from the needs of small businesses to the warehouse architecture of large corporate halls. All racking is tested in accordance with DGUV Rule 108-007 (formerly BGR 234) or DIN EN 15512.