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Angebote & Rabatt-Übersicht

Fairly calculated prices and insight into all discounts & offers can be found here. True to the motto: “Do good and talk about it!”

✔ Best price guarantee for racks
✔ Scaling shopping cart discounts
✔ Rack units: complete + ready to ship = good value
✔ Bundles: money-saving products recommended by us
✔ Early payment as well as cash & carry discounts


Best rack prices – guaranteed

Whether it’s for a large warehouse or small storage solution project: if you have been quoted for a comparable heavy-duty rack, we will check the quote and make you a better offer.

Click here to learn more about our best price guarantee.

Online shopping cart: big, bigger, best value!


Here too our business model is simple and perfectly aligned for online sales: depending on the total cost of your cart, our online shop is able to immediately apply a discount on the net value of the goods. Directly, without having to wait for a quote, you’ll benefit from three scaling discounts on your order ranging from 3% up to 10%.

You can see the discount directly in your online cart, allowing you to print it and use it as a quote for internal approval. This saves you time and us some work, which in turn benefits you in terms of price.

Complete rack systems are better value than individual parts

We offer a wide variety of pre-configured racks, which we refer to as complete offers, in our shop – including all sorts of small parts and accessories. For this, we have calculated how much space is required in the delivery truck and we know exactly how to load these racks in the most space-saving way. The resulting cost savings are directly deducted when you order complete shelving systems as opposed to ordering individual single parts and accessories.

Savings bundles, cleverly put together

The sophisticated technology of our online shop meets the specialist knowledge of our sales department. The savings bundles have been put together as a result of collaboration between our product experts and our online team. Depending on the items selected, suitable products are suggested – at a reduced savings-bundle price, which is exclusively valid for the ongoing ordering process.

Displaying the savings bundles – items placed in the shopping cart
Sparpakete im Warenkorb
Displaying the savings bundles – as a list in the shopping cart


Pre-payment- and cash & carry discounts

Customers who pick up the items they have ordered themselves will save another 5% on the net value of the goods. There’s no journey to the customer in such instances and we are more than happy to pass on this saving to you! This reduction is directly displayed and applied in the online order process. And those opting for prepayment can benefit from a discount of another 2%.

And now, have fun in our online shop!