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Storage Racks & Long Span Racks


Storage racks have to be stable and able to withstand a lot - even though each warehouse is individual and adapted to the respective requirements. If you are looking for high-quality storage shelving, you will find it at TOPREGAL. Thanks to the wide range of applications and the robust construction, our wide span shelving, for example, is suitable for every warehouse.

Which shelf support fits me?

Wooden boards
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Chipboard, for storage of dry stored goods, e.g. cardboard boxes
Galvanised steel board
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For storage of e.g. liquids and hazardous goods
Galvanized mesh
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For the storage of e.g. soils, liquids and hazardous goods

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LR2000 type storage racks for bay loads up to 2,000 kilograms


  • (A) uprights
  • (B) cross beams
  • (C) Load plate
  • (D) Steel floor
  • (E) Grating
  • (F) Wooden floor
  • (G) Axle dimension (bay length)

  • Shelf height 2 m - 4 m

  • upright depths available in 40 cm,50 cm, 60 cm, 80 cm or 120 cm

  • Cross beams are the load carriers of a storage rack. Individually height adjustable in 5 cm increments. Available in 110 cm and 220 cm

  • Various supports, extensive accessories
storage rack
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Quality of our storage racks

Voluntary testing of storage racks

Our storage racks are subjected to regular and voluntary external quality tests every year. Thereby the storage racks are tested for load, stiffness and stability.

The maximum shelf and bay loads of the industrial racking systems are indicated on the load plates included in the delivery.


Painted for indoor use

Uprights for LR2000 storage racks

Painted uprights


TOPREGAL's storage racks are available in variable heights between two and four meters with a bay load of up to 2,000 kilograms. We supply the complete upright including braces and foot parts.

Exploded view of uprights

Other uprights for storage racks



Bay, shelf and point load of industrial racking systems

storage racks

a) Point load

The forces acting on the floor at a point, also known as concentrated load.

b) Shelf load

Indicates the maximum load capacity of a single shelf with evenly distributed load per truss level. The maximum shelf load depends, among other things, on the crossbar length.

c) Bay load

Refers to the maximum total load of the shelving, with the load evenly distributed between two uprights. The sum of the individual shelf loads must not exceed the permissible bay load.

The assembly of the uprights

assembly of the uprights

Technical information about industrial shelving systems

Floor anchoring of the foot plate

Floor anchoring by means of bolt anchors M8x55
  • Drill holes eight millimeters in diameter and 80 millimeters deep
  • Blow out the holes
  • Hammer bolt anchors into the drilled hole
  • Tighten the nut with an open-end wrench or the like

If the height of the top shelf is less than five times the shelf depth, the shelf does not need to be fixed or secured against tipping.

Please note: The bolt anchors must be professionally fastened.

Our in-house assembly team will be happy to professionally assemble your shelves.

Further information on rack assembly

Floor anchoring

Floor anchoring

Floor anchoring

Modular construction of storage racks

Modular construction allows you to add on and expand an existing shelf at any time.

construction of storage racks

Axle dimensions of the industrial shelving systems

The axle dimension describes the width of a rack bay as well as the distance between two uprights We offer axle dimensions in widths of 110 and 220 centimeters. The axle dimensions can be freely combined with each other. Configure the required industrial shelving systems individually with your desired bay lengths. Due to the modular construction, the storage racks can be extended at any time.

Assembly of the cross beams

Assembly of the cross beams

Technical information about the cross beams

Securing the traverses

Required components: Pre-assembled shelf upright, truss, securing pin.

To secure the trusses, you will need the following individual parts: the pre-assembled shelf upright, the truss and the securing pin. Set up the pre-assembled upright and hang the crossbars on both sides at the desired height in a grid of 50 millimeters in the upright profile. Finally, you only need to insert the locking pins into the hole provided in the truss. When doing so, remember to mount the last crossbar at least 50 centimeters before the end of the upright.

Securing the traverses

Securing the traverses

Storage rack with shelves

Storage racks with wooden shelf

wooden shelf

Our wooden shelf support consists of a 25 millimeter thick chipboard. You insert the wooden shelf into the step crossbar and fix and stabilize it with it. The load capacity is maximum 500 kilograms with evenly distributed load.

wooden shelf

Storage racks with wooden floor are ideal for storing dry products such as cartons or storage boxes.

Storage racks with steel shelf

steel shelf

The steel shelf consists of modules of 110 centimeters each. You insert the steel shelf into the step crossbar to fix and stabilize the floor. With evenly distributed load, the maximum load capacity is 500 kilograms.

steel shelf

Because storage racks with steel floor are washable, they are ideal for storing liquids such as paints or oils.

Storage racks with grating


Shelving with grating consists of modules of 110 centimeters each. Here you insert the steel shelf into the step crossbar to fix and stabilize the floor. The load capacity is maximum 500 kilograms with evenly distributed load.


Storage racks with grating are ideal for storing hazardous materials or liquids.

Multiplex board

Multiplex board

Our shelf support made of multiplex board is 25 millimeters thick: the multiplex board is inserted into the step crossbar and is thus fixed and stabilized. The load capacity is a maximum of 500 kilograms with an evenly distributed load.

Multiplex board

This shelf support is ideal as a worktop, as it is very durable. The surface is sealed with linseed oil varnish and can therefore be washed at any time.

Assembly supports

Assembly supports


Wall mounting


20 centimeter long spacer for standard mounting in the wall.


The spacer is used for parallel positioning of rows of storage shelves. Alternatively, you can screw the shelves directly together without a spacer.

Color: Top shelf blue (corresponds to RAL 5010).
For rack heights up to 2.5 meters, we recommend the use of two spacers.
From a height of three meters we recommend the use of 3 spacers.
The assembly material is included in the price and scope of delivery.

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Operational safety according to DIN EN 15635 and DGUV 108-007

Collision protection for industrial shelving systems

Operational safety

Collision protection is used in industrial racking systems to prevent possible damage to the rack upright. In the case of forklift traffic, corner areas must be equipped with collision protection in accordance with DIN EN 15365 and DGUV 108-007. Our collision protection is tested and certified according to DGUV 108-007, formerly BGR234. Each collision protection is delivered including four bolt anchors M12x100mm for floor fixing.

Operational safety

Accessories for LR2000 storage racks

Lockers & Cupboards

Lockers & Cupboards

To the cabinets and lockers

Collision protection

Collision protection

To the approach protection

Height compensation plates

Height compensation plates

To the shims

Open fronted storage boxes

Open fronted storage boxes

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Metal storage racks and flexible wide span racks

Our metal storage racks can be ordered from us as a complete offer or in individual parts, consisting of trusses, rack uprights, shelves and many more, and can be flexibly customized. Well-designed industrial shelving systems allow for quick and easy assembly of your new storage racks. The shelf load of the heavy-duty storage racks is 500 kilograms, the bay load is 2,000 kilograms - completely adapted to the requirements in the warehouse. The wide span racks are perfectly suitable for a wide variety of stored goods, especially for bulky and very heavy items. The different shelf supports made of wood, steel or grating offer corresponding advantages depending on the stored goods. For example, steel shelves or steel panels are perfect for storing liquids, as you can clean them thoroughly in case something gets spilled.

All the metal storage racks shown here can be expanded at any time by adding additional uprights in width or additional pairs of crossbars. By means of rewritable white magnetic tapes, it is quite easy to attach labels to the storage racks, which you can wipe off and renew at any time. Our extensive range of accessories for storage racks, elements such as magnetic tapes for labeling, storage boxes, perforated and side panels and much more complete the range of accessories for storage racks.

Compatible tool cabinets and lockers for metal storage racks

Metal storage racks are compatible with each other due to the special design of our tool cabinets and lock ers, and can be stored or retrieved without assembly. The depths of the wide span shelving and lockers are matched so that they rest perfectly on the step crossbar of your shelving and fix themselves in place. Use this handy addition to store work clothes, tools and other materials neatly in a lockable area, for example.

Inspection of storage racks

Our in-house TOPREGAL shelving inspectors will be happy to carry out the annual inspections of your storage shelving required by law. We will also inspect storage racks that you have not purchased from us upon request. Arrange an appointment directly for your next inspection.

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