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Finding the right advertising channel is sometimes not so easy. The question arises as to where customers should be addressed and by what means. This is where TecMaschin's digital advertising displays can help. Digital displays are particularly flexible in terms of content. Sound recordings can be played just as well as images, videos or GIFs. Thus, they function as digital customer stoppers in your store window, your store or your trade show booth.

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Digital advertising display: The flexible information miracle

As a company, there are many ways to approach customers: Television and radio advertising, posters, flyers, etc. In this context, the effect of advertising in your own store should not be ignored. Whether in the store window or inside the store: Digital ads act as eye-catchers. Information can be easily transported with these customer stoppers. Explanatory and advertising videos can be easily played, as well as slide shows or sound recordings. Thus, a wide range of possibilities is open to you to use the device.

Another advantage is the high flexibility with which content can be transported: Our digital signage displays can be controlled via various interfaces, such as LAN or WLAN connections, USB ports or SD card slots. The simplest option here is to write the desired images and videos onto a data carrier and then play the content directly.

Alternatively, the device can be connected to the Internet and content can be played via the cloud or a website. Mirroring a PC is also possible via HDMI without any problems. Since our digital customer stoppers are all equipped with an Android operating system, you can drag any Android-compatible app onto the devices.

This allows content to be uploaded quickly and played back flexibly. Compared to posters and other print media, you can present new content much faster, since no printing is necessary.

Interactivity as an advantage: Our touch displays

It is clear that digital displays already offer a great advantage: The higher flexibility makes it possible to play and present content quickly. In addition, advertising displays act like digital customer stoppers: Potential buyers stop, look at what is shown and inform themselves about products and offers via the videos and images shown. Such advertising measures work even better when they are designed interactively. Our digital touch displays make this possible.

This makes it easy to present 3D models, for example. Make it open to your customers which components and modules of your products are viewed. Videos and websites can also be easily brought to life in this way. Here, the digital touch terminal DITT-LED32 works particularly well, as its comfortable height invites you to try it out. It is also much easier for your employees to use and promises intuitive handling. After all, the control works almost identically with standard Android smartphones.

Digital display boards in the office and warehouse

In addition to their function as advertising media, digital displays can also be used in offices, conference rooms, in the warehouse or in production halls. Here, our hanging modelsDHD2-LED43 and DHD-LED43H offer many advantages. Due to the ceiling mounting, these hanging displays can be placed well visible even in unclear halls and workshops. By remote control or mirroring of a PC, the devices can be controlled comfortably from the floor. Here, information about current topics, schedules, routes or even what is available in the canteen on that particular day can be easily communicated to the employees. This important information can be easily uploaded and presented.

Our digital signage displays also show what they can do in the office: Especially the interactive models with touch display can be used here well for presentations or as a whiteboard. Simply place the display in a conference room and use one of the interfaces to upload information. Graphic content in particular can be communicated easily in this way.

Digital displays in shopping malls and at trade fairs

In the store, the office or the warehouse, displays can be quite helpful. But they only develop their full potential where there are really a lot of customers: in shopping malls and at trade fairs. Here, the basic requirements for customer-effective advertising are different than in your own store. Many suppliers compete for the attention of a large mass of visitors. It is therefore particularly important to attract attention here. And what better way to do that than with a digital customer stopper from TecMaschin.

Create a stir with the digital hanging displays in your shopping mall window or at an exhibition center. The most important thing is the good visibility of the advertising screen. With our interactive touch displays, you can trigger the innate play instinct in humans and get customers to linger at your booth. One animated conversation later, you could already have the next order.

Our touch displays can also be used as wayfinding systems. These are often seen in large and winding shopping malls to show customers the way to the right store. But also at trade fairs and in airports such a signage display can be useful.

The field of application is large and versatile. All the better that TecMaschin's digital advertising displays are so flexible. Convince yourself of our high-quality devices.

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