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Electric retractable bollard VPE600, TecMaschin
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 220568
  • Outer diameter
    219 mm
  • Height
    600 mm
  • Depth
    1.105 mm
  • Weight
    95 kg
  • Material thickness
    6 mm
  • Colour
  • Model
  • Range of application
  • Category
  • Max. Energy impact
  • Brand
Delivery volume
  • 1 x Electric retractable bollard VPE600, TecMaschin

Professionally delimit driveways

It's easy with the electric retractable bollard VPE600 from TecMaschin. This practical 600 mm high bollard made of stainless steel is ideally suited for temporarily demarcating courtyard entrances, company premises or even public spaces, so that cars, trucks and other larger road users are prevented from passing through. With its diameter of 219 mm and a material thickness of 6 mm, the robust 95 kg heavy-duty drive-through limiter can easily withstand an energy impact of up to 1.108.000 J.

The shapely stainless steel cylinder fits into almost any environment. You can set colourful accents with the LED strip at the top edge of the retractable bollard. This RGB strip can be adjusted in colour and brightness at the touch of a button and ensures safety, as it also makes the bollard easier to see in the dark.

From assembly to application

In order to be able to withstand a corresponding load, the entire system 1.105 mm must be set into the ground and concreted in. The actual retractable post with 600 mm is now moved in and out of this buried hydraulic cylinder via corridor. The wiring is deliberately kept simple and can be set up by any skilled electrician. Due to a rated power of 350 W of the hydraulic motor and a rated voltage of 220 V, the system can be connected to a common socket and does not require a heavy current connection. To protect the entire system from water ingress, we recommend installing a pump system. The corresponding pump is already included in the scope of delivery here.

The optimum distance between two countersunk posts or to a wall is 1000 - 1300 mm, measured from the centre of the cylinder. This means there is still enough space to walk comfortably between them. The 400 mm wide base plate can also be placed comfortably on the ground.

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