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The most environmentally friendly way to transport large quantities of heavy goods in the warehouse! The SolidHub brand brings your carbon footprint into the green zone and your goods transport with power and quality right to the front. Your operating costs are reduced because energy costs and maintenance are significantly lower compared to a front-mounted forklift with an internal combustion engine. The high-quality forklifts are driven by powerful electric motors and are emission-free and low-noise - your warehouse staff will be thrilled.

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SolidHub electric forklift trucks - clean lifting & transporting.

The all-electric powered high-lift forklifts bring environmentally friendly movement into your warehouse. Especially if you have to move a large number of pallets, wire mesh boxes or other heavy goods on a daily basis, a walking industrial truck such as an electric high-lift truck quickly reaches the limits of its load-bearing capacity in terms of time and effort. This is where it pays to include a forklift in your warehouse equipment. Thanks to the sophisticated telescopic mast frame in three parts, the forklift in the neutral, fully retracted mast position, is ideally suited for unloading in areas with low entry height. Especially when unloading a container, this can make your work easier and, above all, optimize it in terms of time. Extended, however, the SolidHub forklift trucks still reach heights that make it possible to work in warehouses with high racks.

Forklift as a quick-change artist: sophisticated accessories for even more areas of application

Transporting and lifting heavy goods with the help of the forks is the number one application for a forklift truck. Most vehicles are used every day only for these activities. However, the fact that a forklift truck can also master completely different challenges in operation with the right accessories is not always known or used. The forks, simply equipped with attachments, are also ideal for the following:

  • The load hook attachment - a quick vertical transport of goods.
  • The telescopic loader crane arm - ideal for lifting heavy loads without a crane.
  • The foldable personal work basket - as a working platform for relaxed work at height.

As you can see, suitable forklift truck accessories turn your electric forklift truck into a multi-talent in no time at all, and when not in use, they can be stowed away in a space-saving manner for the next use.

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