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Single ladders

The aluminium single ladder can be quickly carried from one place to another, is easy to clean if necessary and can be found in almost every large trade van. This classic ladder impresses with its low weight and still offers a multitude of benefits for professional use. All our single ladders are equipped with a non-slip safety ladder shoe (integrated anti-slip protection), have safety profiles on the rungs and, as standard, have additional non-slip protection at the tip of the ladder. The sizes of the ladders in our range vary so you’re bound to find the right ladder to meet your requirements at any working height.

All of our ladders comply with the applicable statutory provisions (e.g. EN 131).

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Reach new heights with the aluminium single ladder

After stepladders, single ladders are the most frequently used ladders in private households, trade and industry. This is due to the fact that the design of lightweight aluminium single ladders is as simple as it is effective: There are fixed rungs or steps between two side rails and a beam at the base of the ladder. Single ladders are safe to use, simply by positioning the stable, non-slip base on a firm surface and then laying or leaning the tip of the ladder with its rubberised ends against a wall or similar.

The right single ladder for every requirement and every working height

For work at low heights, such as storing or retrieving goods on a storage rack, a working height of four meters is usually sufficient. Our range includes one-piece single ladders with 6 to 15 rungs and working heights ranging from 2.95m to 4.80m. For work above this height, a platform ladder is usually the better, safer choice.

Increased safety on steps and rungs thanks to DIN EN 131

All of our single ladders comply with the new DIN EN 131 regulations which came into force in 2017. They provide the basis for the safe use of lightweight ladders throughout Europe. For all mobile ladders, DIN EN 131 stipulates what a ladder must be called, as well as how it should be built, tested and marked for use in a commercial environment. According to DIN EN 131, since 1 January 2018, all single ladders available on the market with a height of more than 3m must be explicitly equipped with a beam at the base of the ladder.

Practical test for the maximum angle of single ladders

When using single ladders, it should generally be noted that the angle must not exceed 65 to 75 degrees. As a rule of thumb, you can use the elbow test: Stand in front of the base of the ladder side rail and turn sideways so that your side is in line with the rail. Lift the arm closest to the ladder to shoulder height with your forearm pointing upwards at a 90-degree angle. If your elbow just touches the ladder, the single ladder is in the right position. more