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LI-ION electric forklift GSE25/5 incl. 380 V / 32 A rapid charger, load capacity 2.500 kg, SolidHub
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 228848
  • Model
  • Max. Load
    2.500 kg
  • Mobile
  • Max. Lifting height
    40 mm - 4.800 mm
  • Free lifting height
  • Fork length
    1.200 mm
  • Speed
    13 km/h
  • Energy source
  • Battery
  • Battery life
    5 h - 6 h
  • Charging time
    2,5 h
  • Weight
    4.360 kg
  • Colour
  • Surface
  • Width
    1.180 mm
  • Depth
    3.634 mm
  • Height
    2.210 mm - 6.120 mm
  • Tyres
  • Motor power
    12.000 W
  • Gradeability
    15 % - 25 %
  • Turning radius
    2.140 mm
  • Mounted
  • Protection class
  • Range of application
    Indoor / Outdoor
  • Power
    11.000 W
  • Voltage
    80 V
  • Capacity
    150 Ah
Delivery volume
  • 1 x LI-ION electric forklift GSE25/5 incl. 380 V / 32 A rapid charger, load capacity 2.500 kg, SolidHub
  • 1 x vehicle instruction on delivery/handover on request
  • 2 x vehicle keys
  • 1 x SolidHub charger for GSE25/5
  • 12 Months warranty
  • Fast helper when storing goods and unloading trucks
  • Good handling, thanks to the side lift directly from the operator's cab
  • Particularly small turning radius thanks to practical rear steering
  • Fast charging and high energy density, thanks to the innovative Li-Ion battery pack
  • Grab handles, adjustable seat and intelligently placed steps for ergonomics
  • Stepless lifting of the fork, thanks to the triplex lift mast
  • Guaranteed spare parts supply and customer service

The brand-new electric forklift truck GSE25/5 from SolidHub is the future-oriented companion in everyday warehouse life

The 80 V / 150 Ah Li-Ion battery supplies the electric motors with energy and also improves your company's carbon footprint. The battery technology of the forklift truck provides many advantages. For example, a lithium-ion battery is more powerful than the frequently used lead-acid batteries. The energy density is many times higher, which leads to an increased runtime. In addition, the charging performance is much better. Thus, the charging of the powerful Li-Ion battery takes just 2,5 h. Another advantage is the low maintenance intensity. While lead-acid batteries require regular filling with distilled water, this is not necessary with lithium-ion batteries. Accordingly, with this battery technology you save both time and a costly and additional aquamatic system, which would also be prone to errors.

Use the latest battery technology, with the high-quality GSE25/5 and its powerful Li-Ion battery.

Sustainable and durable

The robust front loader, also called counterbalance loader, gets its counterweight from the 165 kg battery block. Both the motor and the battery are installed under the driver's seat to save space, thus creating the required low centre of gravity for ideal stability while lifting heavy loads. Goods up to 2.500 kg are easily moved from A to B at a maximum speed of 13 km/h. The electric forklift can be used loaded up to a gradient of 15 - 25 %.

The electronic drive is not only very quiet, but also energy-saving. The forklift is charged using the external 80 V, 100 A charger supplied. A complete charge of the electric forklift truck takes about 2,5 h. The current battery charge level can be easily read directly from the charger.

A 32 A / 380 V power socket is required for charging. The charger is connected to the forklift truck using the REMA320 adapter supplied. For fire safety reasons, it is important that the charger is stored on a non-combustible surface at all times (e.g. steel floor or concrete).

Thanks to the power-saving LED headlights and signal lights, working in darker hall areas is also possible.

Exhaust-free, compact and quiet

Due to the electric drive and the small dimensions (1.180 mm x 3.634 mm x 2.210 - 6.120 mm), the forklift truck is perfectly suited for indoor use, as it is emission-free and very quiet. Nevertheless, it is also at home outdoors to bring goods and merchandise safely to their destination.

It makes everyday work easier when loading and unloading trucks, containers and transporting goods.

The compact 3-fold telescopic mast stores goods steplessly up to a lifting height of 40 - 4.800 mm. It extends in 3 steps with mast heights between 2.210 - 6.120 mm. The small size of the vehicle with the telescopic mast retracted also makes it perfect for unloading inside a 40-foot high cube sea freight container.

Thanks to the rear steering, the GSE25/5 impresses with a small turning radius of 2.140 mm, making it easier to work in confined spaces, such as between rows of racks. The travel path requires a minimum width of 3.753 mm. The power steering integrated as standard enables the forklift truck to be manoeuvred with minimum effort.

High performance thanks to lithium-ion technology

Compared to conventional electric trucks with lead-acid batteries, the lithium-ion battery of the GSE25/5 offers many advantages. The charging time, for example, is much shorter. The charging efficiency is also much better. In addition, the number of possible charging cycles until the battery block is taken out of service and thus the service life increases considerably when a lithium-ion battery is used. The lithium-ion battery of the electric forklift truck also has a particularly high energy density. This is why the service life is also particularly long.

Another great advantage is that Li-Ion batteries are maintenance-free. This means that there is no need for the time-consuming filling of distilled water, which either costs a lot of time or requires an additional aquamatic system.

Comfortable operation & good all-round visibility

Entering the operator's cab is ergonomically designed, and with a non-slip step and grab handle, attention has also been paid to maximum safety in the design.

Lifting, lowering and tilting the forks is user-friendly via the levers next to the steering column. The width of the forks is adjusted manually on the fork mast. This makes the electric forklift truck an all-rounder that can be used for much more than just Euro pallets.

The steering wheel, with a diameter of 450 mm, is equipped with a rotary knob for easy operation in confined spaces. The cabin can be easily adapted to the driver: Height-adjustable steering unit and the forward and rearward adjustable position of the driver's seat.

The seat belt, which is required by law, ensures safety while driving.

Also a plus in terms of safety: the all-round view via the curved rear-view mirror and the rear handle with horn function. The latter contributes to a stable sitting posture when reversing and ensures more driving comfort and safety. The arched shape of the canopy and grille struts with the right angle improves visibility upwards to the load. The display next to the steering column shows the battery level, speed and hour meter. The electric forklift is safely parked with the ratchet handbrake.

The weight of the forklift is evenly distributed on the 4 pneumatic rubber wheels. The front wheels (23X9-10-16PR) are larger than the rear wheels (18X7-8-14PR), which are controlled by the rear steering.


For the use of the electric forklift truck in Germany, a driver's licence L (forklift licence) is required and annual instruction in its use is also mandatory in accordance with § 4 DGUV V1. Please observe national regulations if applicable.

There is no shopping basket discount for this article. The 10% reduction is already included in the price.

The forklift truck does not have road approval with the listed equipment. Such approval can be obtained by retrofitting the reflective coating, a warning bar and acceptance by an official testing authority.

Please inform yourself about the nationally relevant regulations in the country of use before you operate the device. The user is responsible for initial operation and for selecting the appropriate personnel for this purpose.

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