What is the difference between PR4500, PR9000 & PR15000?

Our 3 pallet rack models PR4500, PR9000 & PR15000 differ mainly in the load (light, medium & heavy loads). Thereby the material thickness and dimensions of e.g. the upright profile, beams and foot plates differ. The construction of the 3 types is identical and our accessories are compatible with each other.

The model designation refers to the maximum unit load of the individual systems:

  • Pallet rack PR4500 – unit load (max.): 4500kg / compartment load (max.): 1500kg
  • Pallet rack PR9000 – unit load (max.): 9000kg / compartment load (max.): 3000kg
  • Pallet rack PR15000 – unit load (max.): 15000kg / compartment load (max.): 4500kg

This corresponds to a maximum load per pallet of 500/1000/1500kg.