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2.3m worktable storage rack / basic table with perforated back panel 75–115cm table height / 120cm deep with 2 levels, incl. wooden shelves
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 85751
  • Back panel
    With holed rear panel
  • Width
    2.300 mm
  • Height
    1.150 mm
  • Depth
    1.200 mm
  • Number of levels
  • Beam length
    2.200 mm
  • Max. Load per level
    500 kg
  • Version
    Basic table
  • Rack layer
    Wooden board
  • Surface
  • Variant
    Storage rack
  • Mobile
Delivery volume
  • 2 worktable storage rack uprights 75–115cm height-adjustable / 120cm deep (for perforated back panel)
  • 4 storage-rack individual beams 220cm, compartment load: 500kg
  • 2 wooden storage-rack shelves 220cm wide/120cm deep, load capacity: 500kg
  • 4 support bars 120cm
  • 1 storage-rack perforated back panel 220cm long, 50cm high
  • All accessories such as foot plates, screws, nuts and all material required for assembly are included.
  • Assembly instructions
New, complete, stationary storage-rack worktable with wooden shelf for easy storage and transport of goods, parcels, other general items, small parts, liquids or for order picking goods.

Alternatively, we also offer our LR worktables with galvanised mesh, robust multiplex, kanban or steel shelves.

The outer dimension is 230cm. The usable shelf area (inside dimension) is 220cm per level.

This LR worktable has 2 levels, which are equipped with wooden shelves.

The load capacity per level is 500kg. The load capacity per unit (between 2 uprights) is 2000kg.

The beams (powder-coated in pure orange RAL 2004) are easily attached to the uprights and secured using safety pins to prevent them accidentally being lifted out. The beams can be attached at individual heights in increments of 50mm.

A worktable upright (powder-coated in signal blue RAL 5005) consists of a front and a back upright profile, which are screwed together by the screwed-in cross and diagonal struts. The worktable uprights are closed at the top with two specially manufactured panels to increase work safety and to provide a flush finish to the edges.

The work height of the worktable can be individually adjusted in 5cm increments and ranges from 75cm to 115cm. Just adjust the insertion height of the upright at the foot part.

The perforated back panel with a height of 50cm is attached to the back upright. It serves as fall protection and protects the stored goods. In addition, the perforated back panel can be individually equipped with our tool holder sets.

Our plug-in system makes it possible to assemble or disassemble this worktable easily, which makes it optimally suited for transport. Due to its very compact dimensions, it is excellently suited for use in assembly vehicles and other mobile applications.

All material such as foot plates, screws, nuts and all small parts required for assembly are included in the price and delivery.

Other compatible products and accessories for this rack can also be found in our individual parts category.
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