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Sack trucks & transport carts

For many decades it has been found in almost every business and for good reason: the sack truck is the most popular variant of the many different transport devices. The material varies depending on the purpose of use. In general, the following applies: powder-coated steel tube is best for transporting heavy goods and the aluminium sack truck is best for transporting lighter items. However, the aluminium transport cart should not be underestimated: although lightweight, it is extremely hard-wearing and – particularly as a compact folding transport cart – this variant is ideal to store in an HGV. The variety of transport carts is enormous and there is a perfect transport cart for almost every type of cargo.

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A sack truck for every transport purpose

Indeed, there are so many variants of the original sack truck that we have selected the most suitable models for our customers’ businesses and included them in our range. Did you know that in Switzerland sack trucks are called sack rollers? And that even though usually they’re no longer used to transport any sacks at all – these days, they’re more commonly used to transport parcels and drinks crates. The sack trucks at TOPREGAL are all made of aluminium or tubular steel.

For the classic sack trucks, there are several plate widths to choose from – this also applies to the basic material of the transport cart. The powder-coated steel tube in striking Brilliant Blue is the most popular material as it can move an enormous amount of weight and also catches the eye in the warehouse and on the job. Less conspicuous, but a great lightweight with an equally strong character for shifting material is the aluminium sack truck. Aluminium as a material is an eye-catcher and can, just like the powder-coated tubular steel carts, also be used outdoors, as aluminium is rust-proof. The other variant of the transport cart is also made rust-proof by powder coating the tubular steel.

Pneumatic, plastic or solid rubber tyres: It’s all about the tyres

Depending on where the new transport cart is to be used and how often, one ought to consider which tyres are the right ones for the job. A pneumatic tyre is variable and can be adapted to the material to be moved if necessary to ensure the wheels will make a good start – no matter how heavy the load. A pneumatic tyre can also perfectly cope with almost any surface: whether wet, smooth or uneven. However, pneumatic tyres on a sack truck can sometimes be flat and must be repaired. This won’t happen with a transport cart with solid rubber tyres. The solid rubber tyre is the better option, especially indoors, where sharp objects may be on the floor. This variant is perfect for continuous use. It’s worthwhile to remember, however, that solid rubber tyres are slightly noisier than pneumatic tyres. Plastic tyres are usually the noisiest – but they are also extremely durable because there is hardly any abrasive wear. Having said that, the thermoplastic elastomer used in our products, TPE for short, is also convincing due to its quiet but powerful running characteristics. Low rolling resistance despite enormous load capacity are perfectly combined here. Plastic tyres are therefore also a popular choice for specialist carts.

The stair sack truck, stair climber or stair truck

Specially designed for transporting heavy objects safely and easily over stairs, this special sack truck is ideal to climb steep stairs – thanks to the wheel star mounted on both sides of the stair climber, each consisting of three equally sized plastic tyres made of thermoplastic elastomer (TPE tyres). The advantage of star wheels: one wheel will already be on the next, higher step at all times, the sack truck does therefore not have to be moved jerkily from step to step to transport the goods.

The drum dolly, drum trolley or drum cart

This is a device specially designed for transporting drums. The helpful dolly transports drums weighing up to 250kg or 60 litres. For good mobility and safety, the drum dolly features 4 plastic castors, two of which are equipped with a locking function.

Chair cart or chair truck

Stacking chairs are ideal for variable seating in a conference hall, an auditorium or assembly room, as they can be set up to suit the desired use. For this, the chair cart is a great helper to ensure that the members of staff arranging the seating do not hurt their backs. Although designed for transporting chairs, this transport device can also be used for other purposes. Using hook-and-loop fastening, any item can easily be secured. Thanks to the pneumatic tyres, the goods can be transported quietly and without damaging the floor.

The board truck or board trolley

If bulky wooden panels or plastic panels have to be transported from A to B, then you are well advised to use our board truck. For the tyres, there’s the following choice: Pneumatic or solid rubber tyres. If the panels, sheets or boards to be transported need to be protected from eruption, a cushioning pneumatic tyre is the safer choice. However, the board trolley with solid rubber tyres impresses with its robustness and longevity.

The cylinder trolley, cylinder truck or cylinder cart

Our cylinder trolley on solid rubber tyres is specially designed for easy transport of a steel cylinder with a capacity of 20, 40 or 50 litres. The cylinder to be transported can be secured against falling with the integrated safety chain. more