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5,7 m barrel rack FSR9000 / 110 cm deep / 2 m high / 2 levels for 12 barrels
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Technical data & downloads
Article No. 170301
  • Number of barrels
  • Width
    5.700 mm
  • Height
    2.000 mm
  • Depth
    1.100 mm
  • Number of levels
  • Max. Load per field
    9.000 kg
  • Material
  • Surface
  • Model
  • Range of application
  • Brand
Delivery volume
  • 1 x 5,7 m barrel rack FSR9000 / 110 cm deep / 2 m high / 2 levels for 12 barrels
  • 5 years warranty
  • Store up to 12 barrels in the 5,7 m-wide barrel rack
  • Assembly material, as well as load capacity labels and assembly instructions, included
  • Bright blue and orange colour for increased occupational safety
  • Welded-on push-through protection prevents the barrels from falling off the rack
  • Modular system allows the rack to be combined with other rack types

This barrel rack with a width of 5,7 m, a depth of 110 cm and a height of 2 m is designed for 12 barrels with a capacity of up to 200 litres. The barrel shelves are simply placed between the beams with no additional attachment. The welded-on push-through protection prevents the barrels from falling off the rack and only allows lateral displacement.

The barrel racks from TOPREGAL are particularly suitable for storing environmentally harmful fluids such as oil, petrol or diesel, as the drip trays meet the most stringent quality requirements and all steel drip trays are tested in accordance with DIN 54152.

Legal regulations to be observed

10% rule: The drip tray must be able to hold 10% of the fluid stored above it. This means a maximum of 2400 litres may be stored above the AW270. 

Largest container rule: The drip tray must be able to hold the largest container stored above it. This means only containers with a maximum capacity of 240 litres may be stored above the AW270.

The compartment load capacity of this barrel rack is 3000 kg, while the unit load capacity is 9000 kg.

Do you need any other rack dimensions? You can assemble your rack with ease from individual parts.


Important information about our racks

All data refer to evenly distributed loads. When loading your shelves, the load capacity for the compartment and the unit must not be exceeded. In principle, the current guidelines on health and safety at work (DGUV 108-007 / BGR 234) apply when using our shelves. TOPREGAL does not accept any liability for accidents/damage caused by improper use. Our expert team of consultants will be happy to answer any questions you may have. Dimensions given are approximate and may vary by a few centimetres. Please contact us if you need the exact dimensions for your desired shelf.

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