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It can happen quickly. Once you are not careful and you hit the rack with the forklift. No problem at low speed, but unfortunately it often happens that the heavy-duty rack is damaged. This is where steel impact protection devices can help - preferably in signal colors and in various shapes for every area of the warehouse: racks, employees and everything worth protecting in the warehouse is perfectly secured with an impact protection device.

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Crash protection & collision protection for racks, edge protection and & Crash protection bollards - more than just a duty

As much as one would like to avoid it, accidents in warehouses and production areas happen thousands of times a year when maneuvering with a forklift or lift truck. Legislators defined corresponding regulations for securing stationary racks and inspection intervals at an early stage. These can be found in DIN EN 15635, BGR 234 and DGUV regulation 108-007. Heavy-duty racking, such as cantilever racking, pallet racking and wide-span ra cking, must be inspected regularly in accordance with these regulations. An important part of this inspection is also the sighting of damages on the racking. With racking collision protection, such damage does not occur in the first place.

Collision protection & impact protection protect material, racking and people

Steel collision protection is the most popular impact protection to prevent damage to the load-bearing rack upright frames, as it is very robust and does not need to be replaced immediately after a collision. The color scheme in the signal colors yellow-black is eye-catching and thus fulfills an important warning function to protect racks and buildings from collision damage or scratches. The steel impact protection can also be used outdoors thanks to its weatherproof paint finish.

Corner protection / edge protection and impact protection bollards

Corner protectors and bollards round off the safety range. Whether for protecting the edge of shelves or building walls, the robust steel edge protection will not give in so quickly. Impact protection bollards withstand even the strongest forces and are often used to protect accesses and walkways for people.

Annual duty for racking inspection & racking inspection

TOPREGAL offers the service of the annually required inspection of your heavy-duty racks - also racks that are not from our heavy-duty racking assortment. We will be happy to provide you with an appropriate offer and inspect on site. Minor defects on the racking will also be repaired by us directly. At the end of the inspection, you will receive an inspection report and your rack will receive an inspection sticker indicating the next inspection date. You can find further information in the service section Shelf inspection.

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